MSM 249: In Spite of It All, Here’s a Show….

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Jokes You Can Use:

Which farmer sits on his tractor shouting, “The end is nigh.”?

Farmer Geddon

What do you call a ghost at a hotel?

An inn spectre


What was the worst thing about Robin Hood’s house?

It had a little john.


What is Forrest Gump’s Facebook password?



Why did the paranoid guy quit Twitter?

He thought he was being followed.


What’s the scariest thing in geometry?

A vicious circle.


Why are dwarfs good at maths?

Because it’s the little things that count.


What’s ET short for?

Because he’s got little legs.


Do you know the difference between illegal and unlawful?

Unlawful means “against the law” and illegal is a sick bird.


Why was the calendar depressed?


Why are there no zebras in Czech zoos?

Stripes and Czechs don’t mix.

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7 Word Autobiographies


Middle School Science Minute

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or


Design Based Troubleshooting


I was recently reading the March, 2013 issue of Science Scope, a magazine for middle school science teachers, published by the National Science Teachers Association.  An article that caught my attention was:

“Troubleshooting: A bridge that connects engineering design and scientific inquiry.”  It was written by David Crismond.


This article compares classic troubleshooting versus design-based troubleshooting.  The emphasis of troubleshooting is on observing, diagnosing, explaining, and fixing.  Troubleshooting stands ready as a bridge that can link the practices of engineering design with those of scientific inquiry.

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Hey Teachers, Summer is the perfect time to get Flipped Class Certified. Try this free program & say flip flip hooray

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Theory and praxis walk into a bar. Praxis, pointing to theory: “I’ll have what he’s thinking of having.”

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Surface RT for Teachers … a new journey begins

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From @KleinErin-Foundations Of Flipping: )

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30 Ways to use Chromebooks in the Classroom #chromebookedu #edtech …

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50 Impressive iPad Apps to Fuel Lifelong Learners … via @teachertime123

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RT @JosieHolford: How to learn with technology. Embrace – Unplug – Reboot. Repeat.

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The biggest collection of Titanic Education resources for teachers and students.

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These Twitterville Talk posts are amazing: about as complete a wrap up of the week in chidren’s books you can find!

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MT @baldy7: Soc. Media Has Ruined Grammar (And Other Elementary School Skills You No Longer Need)  via @zite #bpschat

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Nine Days I Am Looking Forward To Celebrating With My Students  via @colbysharp

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#1st5days MT @LeydenTechy: First day of school ideas: 11 Ways To Get To Know Your Students with Technology  #ahsd25

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60 Chrome Apps & Extensions – from @sbehmer  #googlect

* Eric Sheninger ‏@NMHS_Principal 18 Jul

Love how @l_hilt has incorporated Fed-Ex Days into PD  #lead30

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Analyzing the Teaching of Professional Practice ~ #fhuedu622A #fhuedu501 #highered …

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ISTE Videos

Lots of sessions available for your review.


When you set your goals for the fall, don’t forget your soft goals.

Even more so, we, as teachers, need to be intentional about what we want to help our students be. Thankful. Passionate. Curious. Ethical. Perseverant. Creative… and the list goes on.

Intentionally think about your soft goals because these give you a canvas upon which you will paint your class activities. They should influence the posters you select, the projects you design, and the lessons you plan. You can teach math in a way that harnesses the power of passion. You can weave lessons in that will allow students to show thankfulness to others. You can have projects that foster curiosity.


How to Nap



Color in the book pages and then see them come to life as they pop out of the page as 3D models on your mobile


RSA Videos:


Sir Kenneth Robinson – How to find your element


Carol Dweck – How to Help Every Child Fulfil Their Potential


Web Spotlight:

ISTE Follow Up

  • Everyone loves Instagram.

  • Pinterest is gaining popularity as a way to collect and share resources.

  • Google Glass has the biggest “wow” factor amongst the ed tech crowd since the first iPhone.

  • The shift from tools to best practices has made major strides (or maybe I just picked better sessions this year.)

  • ISTE is less about technology and more about education reform, transformation, and 21st century learning.

  • The commercialization of education is far too prominent at ISTE.

  • My best learning still takes place in unstructured situations.

  • We as teachers need to learn how to be learners again.

  • Students need to hear less talking and have more time for exploration, self-directed learning, and failure.

  • We need to take back play and bring the fun and games back to learning.

  • Teachers don’t share their work because they don’t think they have anything remarkable to share.

  • You and I are the change makers.

The world’s most famous teacher blasts school reform

The most famous teacher in the world is not a fan of high-stakes standardized tests,  Teach For America or the Common Core State Standards.


Music that you listen to as you work:


Wait, what about teachers?…..

Half-Baked Ideas . . .


*Pitkin County Turnaround Cart*  Hey folks, this is Shawn from Middle School Matters and I know you’re wondering, “Where in the world is Middle School Matters podcast 249?!?!”, well we had a little rain and a little thunder and as a result Troy is enjoying candle light dinners with his wife.  DTE’ll have the power on soon and when they do we’ll have another podcast for you with the usual jokes, Advisory ideas and the wonderful Mr. Dave Bydlowski.  So, see you in a few, I can hear the DTE trucks now . . . *Scheduled Podcast Cart*

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