Middle School at it’s end?

Middle school has long been under attack. However, I feel the attack may be getting ever stronger. Recently Michigan has made some major changes in terms of High School graduation requirements. This has impacted high schools in numerous ways. One of the ways that this is being interpreted by District level personnel as having some dramatic effects on middle school. Here’s how the logic goes:
– kids will have fewer opportunities for gaining elective credit.
– Michigan now allows students to earn High School credit while in Middle School.
– let’s teach high school courses in middle school, give the students credit for high school while in middle school and every one is happy.

Well, maybe not everyone. There is a reason for middle school. Middle school has some very important concepts that deal with physical, emotional and psychological development of adolescents. However, few people really understand middle school and middle school kids.

Is middle school going to revert to junior high? It’s far too early to tell, however, it is obvious that middle school has been and continues to be under attack. We’ll keep fighting for what is right for the students. We believe in the middle school beliefs.