Behind the Scenes

Middle School Matters has been hard at work behind the scene. Although it seems remarkably easy (more about this in a minute), there is a lot of work to be done behind the scene. Making the remote recording work, the remote hosting, proper tags and all is a bit of work. We want to make sure that you have a quality podcast to listen to when we debut in the Fall. Oh, we’re pretty sure that the first few won’t be perfect (OK, maybe they’ll never be perfect, but you get the idea) but we’ll try to start with some pretty dog gone decent quality. It’s also a tough time of year as we are working on dealing with a very real budget crisis, preparing to close out this year and start up next year. Oh, what fun.

About that remarkably easy. Some of things that we are doing were absolutely impossible just a few years ago. One of us has some experience in college radio (just a, um, few years ago). The things that we can do now we didn’t even dream about in that long ago experience. So, yes, on one hand, it is remarkably easy. However, remarkably easy (as any middle school educator can attest to) is a matter of perspective.