MSM 297 – An Interview with Mr. James Sturtevant – You’ve Gotta Connect

Interview:  James Sturtevant, You’ve Gotta Connect

  1. The Class Clown and getting cooperation through connecting.  Go.
  2. Healthy skepticism- Why is this important?
  3. Platitudes – How does the big picture relate to sweating the details.
  4. How did you come to decide that teaching was your calling?
  5. What would be the most crucial thing that teachers should know/remember?
  6. Talk a bit about accepting students vs accepting behavior.
  7. How does a quote from Bo Schembechler make it into a book from an Ohio graduate?  (i.e. Quintillanus:  “Studium decendae voluntatae quae cogi non potest constat.”)
  8. How does a rookie teacher develop “Connecting Skills”?
  9. Where is the line between connecting with students and “trying to be their friend”?
  10. How can folks tie your book in with another World Book published author Kim Campbell’s If You Can’t Manage ‘Em, You Can’t Teach ‘Em?
  11. How much of “Connecting” is art vs. formula?
    1. Can “Withitness” be scripted?


From the Gang of 34 (7th grade volunteers):

  1. A Joke for Mr. Sturtevant from Yadira:  Why do the Irish only eat 239 beans?  Because one more would be “Two Farty” (240 w/Irish Brogue).
  2. We have a new teacher coming to _______ next week. What kinds of things should students do to make her feel welcome and help her build relationships with students?
    1. Say hello
    2. Also show her around the school and make her feel welcome