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They Said He Didn’t Look Disabled, So This Man Showed Them the Reality of Crohn’s Disease

For some reason, random strangers sometimes get the urge to make assumptions out loud about other random strangers. And no assumption is more frustrating that implying someone is “fine” and “healthy” based solely on their outward appearance.

Ste Walker, a patient with Crohn’s disease, was in a hospital shop in Yorkshire, England, when another customer asked why he was even there, since he looked “fine.”

Cerebral Palsy Hasn’t Stopped This Inspirational Man From Achieving Success as a Pro Bodybuilder

The next time you find yourself saying the words “I can’t,” think about Wade McCrae Washington.

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or


I was recently reading the September, 2016 issue of “Science Scope,” a magazine written for middle school science teachers, published by the National Science Teachers Association.  

In this issue, I read the the article, “Start the School Year With an Authentic Activity.” It was written by Susan German.  The article describes an activity in which the author uses double-stuffed chocolate sandwich cookies to help teach students about scientific argumentation.

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Two Options for Collecting Students’ Questions to Appear on Review Games

Earlier this week I received the following email from a reader,

“My desire is to create a database of questions in multiple choice, short answer and T/F . I guess a quiz, however I would like to “share” (like g docs) this database with my students so that they could add questions . What app or program would be best for this (open source)?”

Six Tools for Creating Classroom Quiz Games – A Comparison Chart

Twice in the last week I have given presentations about tools for creating fun formative assessment activities.



Welcome to

The lottery of birth is responsible for much of who we are. If you were not born in the country you were, what would your life be like? Would you be the same person? is your gateway to understanding life outside your home. Use our country comparison tool to compare living conditions in your own country to those of another. Start by selecting a region to compare on the map to the right, and begin your exploration.

You can also use our visualization tool to help understand the impact of a disaster. The Pakistan Flood and BP Oil Spill are currently featured. Check out the individual pages to gain some perspective on these awful tragedies.

Free Resources From All My Books

November 11, 2016 by Larry Ferlazzo | 0 comments

Every few months, I reprint this post so that new subscribers learn about these resources.

I have many free resources, including excerpts and student hand-outs, available from all my books. Clicking on the covers will lead you to them (and look for two new forthcoming books – another one on ELLs that Katie Hull and I are writing, and a fourth in my student motivation series):

The Encyclopedia of Middle Grades Education    

The second edition of The Encyclopedia of Middle Grades Education has been revised, updated, and expanded since its original publication in 2005. The Encyclopedia is a comprehensive overview of the field; it contains alphabetically organized entries that address important concepts, ideas, terms, people, organizations, publications, and research studies specifically related to middle grades education. This edition contains over 210 entries from nearly 160 expert contributors, this is a 25% increase in the number of entries over the first edition. The Encyclopedia is aimed at a general audience including undergraduate students in middle‐level teacher preparation programs, graduate students, higher education faculty, and practitioners and administrators. The comprehensive list of entries are comprised of both short entries (500 words) and longer entries (2000 words). A significant number of entries appearing in the first edition have been revised and updated. Citations and references are provided for each entry.

Teaching French Resources:  

French Literature Adapted


Web Spotlight:

How to Create MadLibs Story Starters in Google Sheets


Make Beliefs Comix Offers a Free Book of Bilingual Writing Prompts

Make Beliefs Comix is a free web and iOS app that offers a huge collection of comic templates for students. One of the features that you’ll find on the website is a set of editable ebooks for students to write in. One of the newer additions to the collection is a book titled A Book of Questions.

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