MSM 357: Magnum.

Jokes You Can Use:  


I’m thinking of taking a second job. I’m going take a job cleaning mirrors. It’s something that I can really see myself doing. 


What do you call an educator who will not fart in public?

  • A private tooter.


I’m really a down to earth person? Why?

  • Gravity.


I love long walks. Especially when people who annoy me take them.


Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.


I’d like to propose a new day of the week – Someday. Just think of all the awesome stuff that would happen on it.


There’s a button on my oven that says “stop time”, I’m pretty sure it supposed to say “stop timer”, but I don’t touch it….just in case.




When to grit and when to quit

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

There is ample research suggesting that cultivating the ability to walk away from existing goals when for whatever reason (e.g. health, lack of hoped-for resources, or skills that despite practice never really developed) no longer serve us, and in order to pursue alternative goals, can be courageous, smart and strategic.

Rather than “Winners never quit,” I prefer, “A real winner knows when to quit and when to grit.” It’s a little long for a bumper sticker, but in my view, a better guide to live by.


Thumb Trick

Source: Removable Thumb Magic Trick by ViralHog on Rumble



Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or


Eclipse 2017 – Facts


This is the first in a multipart series on Eclipse 2017 utilizing the resources from NASA that can be found at:


Topics included in this podcast include:

  1.  The date of the eclipse.
  2.  Definition of a solar eclipse.
  3.  Date of the next solar eclipse.
  4.  Where to watch the eclipse.
  5.  How to watch the eclipse.
  6.  The length of the eclipse.
  7.  The path of the solar eclipse.


For information on how to safely watch the eclipse, please visit:


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Minute to Win It Games are great for brain breaks, indoor recess, end of the year fun and more!


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Blended Learning


  1. Blended Beats Virtual
  2. Choose and Train the Right Teachers
  3. Student Engagement is Essential
  4. Parents Need to Be Educated, Too
  5. You Need Support Over Time
  6. Decide What Scaling Means to You


Homework Alternatives


Ideas For How to Do Better Book Clubs in Middle School


“In 2015, I wrote a post discussing how I was doing book clubs with my 7th graders and how their ideas had shaped our process to be more powerful.  Two years later, I look at some of those ideas and see how my thinking has changed and also how much more ownership the student shave taken.  I, therefore, decided to update that post with what it looks like now.”




“Why Can’t Our Business Be More Like Schools?”

But I’m also fully aware of many schools that are creating wonderful learning opportunities and spaces that take full advantage of limited resources.

The “make school more like a business” mantra creates all kinds of bad scenarios. Indeed, our obsession with data is partially due to the influence of business practices.

Businesses should be sending their emerging leaders to watch people like Chris Kennedy and Jordan Tinney or Kevin Worthy in action. They should see teachers like Kelli Holden co-teach with her colleagues. They would learn lots from seeing Sara Badiner keep 9th graders focused and learning despite raging hormones. I could spend the rest of my day listing all the amazing, talented educators who are pure artists.


To Boost Higher-Order Thinking, Try Curation


Most of the above activities would not be very academically challenging if students merely had to assemble the collection. Adding a thoughtfully designed written component is what will make students do their best thinking in a curation assignment.


The Best Curator in the Room

In fact, I would argue that in our efforts at self-validation–in our needing to be the expert–we’re doing our students a disservice. Oh, we’re needed, without a doubt–just not for the same things any more. We still need to be experts in our content. We still need to have the discernment to know what materials are good and what are not. But our role has changed.


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Public Domain AudioBooks.



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