MSM 359:  Fashion Fears, DOK and Good with Tech.


Jokes You Can Use:


When I found out my toaster wasn’t waterproof, I was shocked!

I’m an optimist. I didn’t lose a sock in the dryer. I found an extra one!

I wish more people were fluent in silence.

Here’s a joke for all you mind readers out there……..

In Canada, she’s Kilometery Cyrus.

I love how television has redefined the word ‘marathon’ to the exact opposite of physical exercise.

If Plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters. Keep calm.

A cross-eyed teacher has no control over her pupils.



Rules to Live by


Have your students write up the rules that they live by.


Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or



This is the third in a multipart series on Eclipse 2017 utilizing the resources from NASA that can be found at:


Four questions are asked and answered regarding Citizen Science and the Eclipse.  They include:

  1.  What can I do to become more involved with eclipses?
  2.  How can I photograph a total solar eclipse?
  3.  Do animals really change their behavior during a total solar eclipse?
  4.  Typically, how big a temperature drop do you get during a total solar eclipse?


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Getting more teachers connected to Twitter as a means of personalized professional learning-growing PLN #bfc530

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Lift up Ss & staff who feel like minor characters in story of school! The @AMLE ABCs blog has 5 easy steps: … #mschat


What Can Middle Level Leaders Learn from the Student Experience?  via Supt. Nikki Woodson @AASAHQ #middleschool

Mental Floss‏Verified account @mental_floss

These $425 Jeans Can Turn Into Jorts —

Kim Campbell‏ @KimCamp4Kids

Exactly what I said to a colleague today….

Sandra Boynton‏Verified account @SandyBoynton

It’s been a wild week. #saturdaymorning

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*watches cable news in horror* “It’s going to be OK. The young people will save us from all these mistakes.” *checks the internet*

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To Engage Students and Teachers, Treat Core Subjects Like Extracurriculars

document the variables that contribute to deeper learning. But as they spent more time in schools, it was hard to ignore the ways in which the activity around the edges of institutions — elective courses, extracurricular activities — was where students and teachers “were most fired up,”


“Like a theater production, there’s sense of purposefulness,” said Fine. “You’re working toward producing something that has an audience beyond your teachers and your peers.”


One thing that is consistent, according to Fine, is that teachers are very deliberate beforehand. They have to know exactly what all students need to demonstrate mastery of and where they can allow students to move in their own direction.


One example Fine has seen is in a project-based humanities classroom. Students started the class by reading about the anti-communist fervor of the 1950s and McCarthyism. Then for the latter half of the semester, students were tasked with using the same rhetoric from that time to create documentary films on a controversial subject of their choice. Essentially, the project allows students to understand propaganda by making their own propaganda film.



Dyslexia Simulation

This simulation demonstrates some common symptoms of dyslexia. You are given 60 seconds to read a paragraph aloud. The letters in this paragraph are reversed, inverted, transposed, and spelling is inconsistent. There will be two questions to answer at the end of the 60 seconds, so you must decipher the words as best as you can.

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Web Spotlight:


Good with Tech

Here’s another one of my analogies for you:

Being “good with technology” : integrating technology :: being good at cursive : writing ability


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