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Jokes You Can Use:  


Once I told a chemistry joke.

There was no reaction.

Norwegians are putting bar codes on their ships.  They go out in the morning and when they return, they Scandavian.


Who earns a living by driving his customers away?

  • A taxi driver


If athletes get athletes foot, what do astronauts get?

  • MissleToe




Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Innovative Teaching


I was recently reading the Summer, 2017 issue of “Science Scope,” a magazine written for middle school science teachers, published by the National Science Teachers Association.  


In this issue, I read the the Editor’s Desk article, “Innovative Teaching = Learning.” It was written by Patty McGinnis, Editor of Science Scope.  The article describes the value of innovative teaching and how it impacts student learning.


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Synthesis of Prof Development on the Implementation of Literacy Strategies for Middle School Content Area Teachers


Susie Highley‏ @shighley

You can utilize Google’s GTHANKS program idea with eThanks for G Suite schools … #BLForum17 #INeLearn


Andrew Maxey‏ @ezigbo_

Tuscaloosa, #TCSLearns is committed to making middle school work well for EVERY student. Read about it here ->


Susie Highley‏ @shighley

TED.ed is a great source for content for 13 and up @Catlin_Tucker #INeLearn #BLForum17


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How to Change Access Settings in the New Version of Google Forms


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They’re your Ss for one year – and your kids forever. #TeacherLife via educator @justintarte


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Teaching the Right Time to Ask a Question


Pup Camp is a fun way to get kids ready for the transition into middle school  #mschat #elemchat



Do you know the 16 characteristics of successful middle schools? This We Believe.  Chart:

Kelly Malloy‏ @kellys3ps

This is an interesting flexible seating idea – with chalkboard paint or whiteboard paint.


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Why I’m Starting This School Year with a Get-to-Know-You Curation Project…and You Should Too!

My students are always surprised when I tell them about my secret (well, not so secret now) loathing of ice-breaker games. I’m a talkative, friendly person, but the moment you tell me to come up with two truths and a lie about myself I start to feel queasy and wonder if I could sneak off and hide in the restroom while everyone else “circulates and finds another person who has traveled to another state recently.”


I know full well that every other teacher they have will be doing similar, if not the same, things this week. How am I supposed to stand out, make them sit up and pay attention, get them excited about entering my room each day with the same old get-to-know-you activities?


Enter CURATION. An awesome idea for all sorts of project-based learning in the classroom (you can read more about that here), but one that I’m planning on using to get my students to introduce themselves to me (and each other!) in a way I bet they haven’t seen before!


Curation is the process of collecting a bunch of high-quality materials all related to a similar theme, topic, or idea. The curator of a museum might curate a collection of artifacts from ancient Greece, a librarian might curate a group of the latest and best young adult novels for a start of the school year display in the library, and so on. And using the free, online tool elink, I’m going to have my students curate a collection of photos, links, videos, songs, and whatever else they can think of, that will teach me and their classmates all about them!




29 Practical Ways to Empower Learners in Your Classroom



#FormativeTech by Monica Burns  

The book is a quick read.  It has a number of tech suggestions for implementing formative assessment in the classroom using technology.  Many of them can be done through Moodle, yet Moodle doesn’t get a mention.  Yes, I get it, not everyone has Moodle.  Yet, it should be mentioned as an option for those who do, or are willing to set up a Moodle and give it a go.  For the cost of using all these services, it might just pay to rent some server space.  


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The Silicon Valley Billionaires Remaking America’s Schools

In San Francisco’s public schools, Marc Benioff, the chief executive of Salesforce, is giving middle school principals $100,000 “innovation grants” and encouraging them to behave more like start-up founders and less like bureaucrats.

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This Is What Sound Actually Looks Like

If you’ve ever wondered what sound actually looks like traveling through the air, then you’re in luck because apparently, all you need is a high-speed camera and a photography trick called the Schlieren Flow Visualization to help you see sound.

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