MSM 394: 8 Strategies (and coffee isn’t one of them)

Jokes You Can Use:  


“A hydrologist has a high-pressure job.”


When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep — not screaming, like the passengers in his car.


“Undertakers after a hard day’s work are dead tired!”


Every time someone predicts the date of the end of the world, God pushes the date back a little just to be funny.


“A split taxi fee is fare.”


From a Friend of mine in regards to his wife’s birthday:

Apparently, I ruined her birthday.

Not sure how I did that…

I didn’t even know it was her birthday!


Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

“Outstanding Earth Science Trade Books for 2018.” (Part 3)


I was recently reading the February, 2018 issue of “Science Scope,” a magazine written for middle school science teachers, published by the National Science Teachers Association.  


In this issue, I read the article on the “Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12: 2018.  In this podcast, I feature Earth Science books:

  1.  “Seven Wonders of the Solar System” by David A. Aguilar
  2.  “When the Sun Goes Dark” by Andrew Fraknoi and Dennis Schatz
  3.  “Exploring Space: From Galileo to the Mars Rover and Beyond” by Martin Jenkins


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Warning unpopular teacher opinion: Why do we say that after high school is the real world? Isn’t it all real? I remember my high school days distinctly and they were real. What happens in high school matters.


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14 Badge Ideas to Engage and Motivate Learners.  #edtech #ILoveEdTech #ImFutureReady #edchat #badges


When planning instruction, consider how tech can enhance these strategies that @john_hattie & @robertjmarzano agree on: …. It will likely improve your process and the impact on learners. #edchat #edtech

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Parents of a 5-year-old Kansas boy hit with $132,000 bill after their son knocked over an art sculpture on display at a local community center.

ABC News‏Verified account @ABC

ABC News Retweeted ABC News

“I was surprised, absolutely, more so offended to be called negligent,” said the boy’s mother. “They were treating this like a crime scene.”

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10 ways we made our school happier


After 1,155 Hours Together, a Teacher’s End-of-Year Letter to Her Students

It’s been only nine months since we formally met, and we’ve had only 1,155 hours to spend together. In between all of the lessons, projects, tests, and homework assignments, I was also learning about you—who you are and who you have the potential to become.


8 Strategies To Help Students Ask Great Questions


It’s Okay NOT to Reassess

When to limit reassessment

Here are three things to consider when thinking about proactively putting limits on what’s possible for classroom teachers.

    • Grades 11 & 12


  • Low-Priority Standards

  • Reassessment is naturally occurring already


Noticing the Good Stuff: A Suggested Practice

When something amazing happens in your classroom but only you see it, did it really happen?





Create a dedicated space or use sticky notes. Try recording one good thing per day for a number of days in a row 10, 15, 30—whatever feels manageable.



History Bombs

History Bombs is an innovative educational media company based in the UK. We produce award-winning educational content to engage and inspire adults and children.


One Question We Should Always Ask When Implementing Technology into Classrooms

Lately, I have been sharing that we need to be very thoughtful of any technology that has the word, “school, classroom, or ed” in the name.  At first, some are taken aback when I say this, but eventually, they understand why I share this learning. I then encourage groups to ask the following question (or a variation of it) when thinking about what technology they use in schools:

“Is this a technology that will apply to the lives of our students outside of school or after their time with us?”

If we can’t justify the long-term benefit of the use of a technology (or more importantly, the time of our educators) to do things that have a real impact on our students past their time in education, then we are developing a lot of students who are really good at school, but not necessarily learning.


50 Questions Every Student Should Be Able To Answer Before They Graduate High School



11 Powerful Characteristics of Adaptable Learners


  1. Recognize Your Environment Is Constantly Changing
  2. Reject Comfort and Complacency
  3. Take Ownership of Results
  4. Show Willingness to Collaborate
  5. Build Resilience and Perseverance
  6. Demonstrate Care for Others
  7. Be Open to Changing Your Mind
  8. Be Flexible in Your Methods, Focused on Your Mission
  9. Be Eager to Try New Things and Learn New Skills
  10. Be Open to Feedback
  11. Develop Confidence in Your Ability to Learn

Web Spotlight:


How Can Middle Schools Best Organize to Help Young Adolescents Thrive?

Our research shows that when the school is made to feel smaller, that’s when young adolescents flourish more. With a K-8 school you have potentially more students in the school because you have all the way from 5-year-olds to 13- and 14-year-olds.

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