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Jokes You Can Use:

When I was little, my Mom claimed that I loved alphabet soup.
I really didn’t, she was just putting words in my mouth.

I didn’t really like my new beard at first.
– Then it grew on me.

Do you like Christmas puns?
– Yule love this one.

What did the Teddy Bear say when offered dinner?

  • No thanks, I’m stuffed already.

Did you hear about the two spiders that got engaged?
Word is that they met on the web.

Why was the archeologist crying?
– His life was in ruins.

Dandelions are just like regular lions except they wear ascots.

Middle School Science Minute

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Bottle Flipping — Part III

I was recently reading the November/December, 2018 issue of “Science Scope,” a magazine written for middle school science teachers, published by the National Science Teachers Association.

In this issue, I read the article, “Bottle Flipping,” written by Douglas Llewellyn and Aaron Shafer. The purpose of the article was to integrate pop culture into the science classroom. In this third of a three-part podcast series we look at the 4th and 5th days of the 5 – E Instructional Lesson — Elaborate/Extend and Evaluate.

From the Twitterverse:

RUTH BUZZI‏Verified account @Ruth_A_Buzzi
My grandson seemed disappointed with his Christmas present. I can’t imagine why! I never questioned his choice, just got him precisely what he asked for. They had several choices at the pharmacy, so I found him what I thought was a very, very nice eye pad.

Dave Schmittou EdD🚲‏ @daveschmittou
I think we should revise Blooms Taxonomy one more time and add reflection to the top of the pyramid. Evaluation is high. Creation is higher. Evaluating what you have created…now that’s some high order thinking. #LastingLearning

Steven Weber‏ @curriculumblog
5 Questions To Start 2019: 1 What are we aiming for? 2 How will we teach for transfer? 3 How do we design learning that emphasizes contribution? 4 What evidence will we use to measure understanding? 5 How will we create an environment that fosters personalized learning? #edchat

Jove Stickel ED.S.‏ @JoveStickel
Challenge accepted! This year these people
M @sgreiner16 A @SteinbrinkLaura D @BethHouf E @burgessdave
M @DavidGeurin E @casas_jimmy
B @MrPStrunk E @LemarrTreadwell T @blocht574 T @TaraMartinEDU E @knipmeyer R @danpbutler

Beth Keller‏ @MrsBKeller
Grammie’s house has the best mugs. #familyofeducators #butreally #teachersmaketheworldgoround

Mary Starr 🏳️‍🌈‏ @starrscience
Mary Starr
🏳️‍🌈 Retweeted Jason Gauthier
I gave up unit plans a long time ago. It’s not really the work beginning teachers should be doing. Focus on using materials and better tailoring to students’ actual needs. Perhaps at multi-lesson level.
Mary Starr 🏳️‍🌈 added,
Jason Gauthier @jgauthier13
This makes me wonder. . .how much time do higher education folks spend on the role of good curriculum materials in secondary teaching? Unit plans seem like overkill, a little. Would time be better spent on pedagogy and ensuring accessibility of curriculum mats? …

Derek McCoy‏ @mccoyderek
“The Purpose Of Life Is Not Happiness: It’s Usefulness” by Darius Foroux – What are you doing for others? – How are you being of service? – How are you making a difference?

Melissa Pilakowski‏ @mpilakow
Want to combine argumentation, real-life events, discussion, and research with primary and secondary sources? Try true crime podcasts! It’s my favorite way to help grow students argumentation skills! … #engchat #elachat #teachwriting #games4ed

Jessica Torres🦉‏ @Owl_b_TorresEdu
Video has always been one of those tech features that I’ve been hesitant to dive into…really appreciate all the practical tips and info shared by @ClaudioZavalaJr during #DitchSummit day 8! @jmattmiller @DitchThatTxtbk #diginotes

Beth Houf‏ @BethHouf
Q4: Block out 200 minutes PER WEEK on your 2019 calendars. Mark it URGENT. Protect it at all costs. Do it now. Seriously! … #LeadLAP @burgess_shelley

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Limiting “Teacher Talk,” Increasing Student Work!



Alice Keeler’s Bookmarks of Resources

Public Domain

When that year’s copyright skedaddles, you’ll have instant access to countless titles, including these overlooked gems:

“The Vanishing American” in Ladies’ Home Journal
By Zane Grey
One of the first literary critiques of the treatment of Native Americans; harsher than the later novel and silent film.

A Handbook of Cookery for a Small House
By Jessie Conrad
A peek into the life of author Joseph Conrad via his wife’s recipe collection.

Our American Adventure
By Arthur Conan Doyle
The creator of Sherlock Holmes recounts his popular (and controversial) lecture tour in support of Modern Spiritualism.

The Chip Woman’s Fortune By Willis Richardson
The first drama by an African-American author produced on Broadway; a one-act story of a family in financial straits.

New Year Celebrations – The British Council

Readings and discussions for language learners. Free resource provided by the British Council.

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