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Jokes You Can Use:  

And the chair is aghast!

Which days are the strongest?

  • Saturday & Sunday (The others are weak days).

As I handed my Dad his 72nd birthday card, he looked at me with tears in eyes and a sniffle.

“You know, one would’ve been enough”.


Purl | Pixar SparkShorts

*Warning, there is some language issues; A BMW joke about “pricks” on the outside, a swear word (ass) in the video

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Best Graph to Use

In this issue, I read the article, “Data Literacy 101: Which is the Best Graph to Use?” written by Kristin Hunter-Thomson.  In the article, she encourages teachers to help students make connections between the words they say when talking about their question or data and the graph types they should consider based on their question type.  She discusses three types of graphs:

1.  Distribution Graphs

2.  Composition Graphs

3.  Comparison Graphs

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Call for Presenters – 2019 TAMS Summer Conference – …


We issued a special bulletin with the links to present at our 2019 Conference, trainings for Schools to Watch & Champions Together, and opportunities to write for our newsletter and nominate staff and students for awards!  

Jason Lay‏ @jlay02

Ninja @PearDeck trick: Customize the slide library. Use the pre-designed slides by Pear Deck, but add your own customizations. Instead of a simple happy/sad face to ask students how they feel, add emojis or memes! #edtech #sharethepear @jmattmiller

Todd‏Verified account @ToddWhitaker

Evaluation has to accomplish three things. Reinforce good practices, reduce ineffective practices, motivate and improve everyone. #satchat

Jessica Lahey‏Verified account @jesslahey

Jessica Lahey Retweeted Robin DeRosa

I’ve said it 10,000x and I’ll say it again: grading portals are one of the most destructive things we’ve done to learning & relationships in a very long time. …

Jessica Lahey added,

Robin DeRosa @actualham

My daughter’s public high school uses an app that dings on her phone every time a grade is entered. It’s had Pavlovian effects on her emotional state. She used to love learning. It’s stunning how much the app has contributed to the centering of grades in her experience of school. …

Jill Skala‏ @jillskala

“English teachers willing to defend classics and modern literature must be prepared to give equally spirited defense to serious and worthwhile children’s and young adult novels.”  #NCTE

From the Middle‏ @from_middle

So excited to be presenting with @blocht574 on Connections through Twitter and Podcasts. We hope you join us! #amle #podcasts #mschat #TEACHers

9to5Toys‏ @9to5toys

Amazon slashes $80+ off Apple’s latest 9.7-inch iPad 32GB iPad: Wi-Fi $249, Cellular from $375 … by @aSimonWalsh‏ @activehistory

“Using Sticky Notes for Silent Presentations!” … #historyteacher

Eric Curts‏ @ericcurts

How to Force a Docs Copy WITH Pre-Loaded Comments to Help your Students … #GSuiteEDU #edtech

Screencastify 🎬‏ @Screencastify

Looking to switch things up? We’ve got 50 different ways to use @Screencastify in our eBook Even better, the ideas come from the likes of @jmattmiller, @ericcurts, @coolcatteacher, and more! Check it out:

#mschat every Thursday at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.  And as Troy says, “The Twitter never stops!”


Follow Up On Our ClassDojo Discussion – AI in the School

Marjory Stoneman Douglas uses AI in the school.

Book Reviews

Create a Database Activity in Moodle. You can use the template over at Master Moodle.

How to Talk So Students Will Listen and Listen so Students will Talk

Creating a safe and trusting classroom where students are willing to risk telling me about the hardest parts of their lives is a really important part of their academic success.

Teaching Introverted Students: How a ‘Quiet Revolution’ Is Changing Classroom Practice

Kasevich, who taught history in middle and high school classrooms in New York City for 25 years, said she has seen school cultures that were one-size-fits-all, geared more for the extroverts than for the introverts.


Silent Movie GIFs

Nice resource for finding gifs (or very short clips) to use with students. (*Please note that not all of these may be appropriate for the classroom).

99Math:  Engage Students with a Positive Experience in Math

“According to Timmi, the game has already shown results by improving classroom atmosphere and student motivation. “It has also been praised by teachers who think of it as an exciting and inspiring platform,” he said. ‘I’ve watched our game being played in class. It’s heart-warming to see students feel the thrill of solving math exercises and them asking to play it again.’”

Foundation For Teaching Economics Summer Professional Development Opportunity

University of Michigan is famous for many reasons. A great school for Economics, University of Michigan’s programs in Business, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, and Management are all ranked in the top five nationally.

U of M is also known for its research and ranked among the top 25 schools nationally, ranked #1 public university for the value and #3 public school with the smartest students!  It has one of the largest alumni networks with over 580,000 students and is home one president, two dozen governors, 3 supreme court justices, eight Nobel laureate and 200 Olympic medalists.

Speaking of sports, University of Michigan has won 390 Big 10 Athletic Championships and houses the largest football stadium in the country!

Sound like a place you would like to spend a week this summer? Check out our application page now to learn more about our program at the University of Michigan and other great college campuses across the country.

UM program will run from August 5-11, 2019

Web Spotlight:

Connecting Personalized Professional Learning to a Bigger Purpose

We Can Make Middle School Less Awkward, Here’s How

Middle school staff from across the country recognize that these years are pivotal, striving to provide our young people with the inquiry-based, relevant learning experiences, meaningful relationships and supportive environments that they need to become thriving adults.

Yet, many schools embark on this mission without a critical, untapped resource. A robust body of developmental research that provides insight into how our nation’s middle school teachers can address, and fully leverage, the dizzying changes that our young people experience.

To realize this vision, we must first unpack that robust research, understanding the underlying changes in the brain and the body that young people experience in early adolescence. In doing so, we can create learning spaces that reinforce the unique skills they are developing on any given day—and provide the resources that young people need to flourish.

Weaving Gratitude into the Fabric of Everyday Learning

30 Day Challenge For a Happier Teacher You

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