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I was recently reading the February, 2019 issue of “Science Scope,” a magazine written for middle school science teachers, published by the National Science Teachers Association.  

In this issue, I read the article, “Sound Practices in Climate Change Education” written by Peggy M. McNeal and Heather L. Petcovic.  In the article, they identified three broad themes that showcase sound practices in climate change education. They include:

1.  Connecting students with local climate change impacts.

2.  Encouraging students to collect, analyze, and draw conclusions from their own data.

3.  Fostering relationships between climate scientists, teachers, and students.


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John Meehan‏ @MeehanEDU

THANK YOU to everyone who’s helped make the #EDrenaline Rush #EggDashChallenge a hit in classrooms around the world! In just one week: 70K+ views! Games in 20 states and 4 countries! Thousands of RTs, likes & shares! Come join the fun! …



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Kevin Honeycutt ‏ @kevinhoneycutt

Project this template on the wall at whatever size kids like and let them cut out, adjust, redesign and assemble their own helicopters! Add lights, circuits, apps and other STEAM/TEM elements to let creative learning take flight! #cardboardrules

Kevin Honeycutt ‏ @kevinhoneycutt

Project the template on the wall, trace it and cut it out with kids and let them make their own copy of Amelia’s plane! #paperhistory

John Meehan‏ @MeehanEDU

Have a class of students who can’t get enough @FortniteGame? I made a thing! Turn any close reading (poetry, numbers, historical documents, etc.) into a squad vs squad BATTLE ROYALE! #Fortnite Open source templates here: …

Melissa Majeski‏ @m0majeski

This strategy encourages students to work together and share thinking. #berkleydifference #iteachmath #kagan #middleschool

Ditch That Textbook‏ @DitchThatTxtbk

Sketchnoting in the classroom: 12 ways to get started Online tutorials @YouTube Channels #HyperDocs Book recommendations #Sketch50 Challenge and more!  via @jmattmiller

Screencastify 🎬‏ @Screencastify

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MindShift‏ @MindShiftKQED

Parents can relate to their #teens with simple personal disclosures that remind kids that even if technology is different, human emotions are the same. #Parents can bond with their kids by focusing on these similarities @dr_fraga  #edchat #parenting

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Mr. N365

Reading prompts and questions – just like standardized tests.

100 Writing Prompts


“I created this site to help more people understand more of what they read.

For ten years, I’ve been teaching English to people who need to work very hard to understand what they read.

My students are interesting, perceptive people who understand (for example) what pollution is, but they don’t understand what chronic, pervasive atmospheric toxicity means.”

I’m a public school teacher, and I pay for this site’s operation out of my own pocket. (Note: it’s not cheap.) Please help me out by using it only for your own personal use or for that of your students.

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