MSM 442: Clown on a Unicycle


What did the duck say when he bought some lipstick?

  • Put it on my bill


Which animal is the worst at hide and seek?


What starts with E, ends with E and only has 1 letter in it?

  • An envelope


Why does Humpty Dumpty’s love autumn?

  • He had great fall/


The last thing the principal said before leaving the building was “Pints, Liters, Gallons”. 

  • That really spoke volumes. 


I was sitting drinking coffee in my slippers this morning when I had a thought. 

  • I really need to wash some mugs. 


What’s the difference between a cranky two-year-old and a duckling?

  • One is a whiny toddler and the other is a tiny waddler.


We are going on a cruise and my wife is worried about meeting new people. 

  • I told her not to worry, We’ll all be in the same boat. 


I warned my daughter about using her whistle inside and gave her one last chance.

  • Unfortunately, she blew it.

My friend Jay recently had twin girls, and wanted to name them after him.

  • So I suggested Kaye and Elle.

What are terminators called when they retire?

  • Exterminators




Clown on a Unicycle

You don’t have a student who unicycles in a clown suit every day, so you have to take advantage of these things.” 



World Toilet Day 


Cost of Living 

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Crowd The Tap

I was recently reading the September 2019 issue of “Science Scope,” a magazine written for middle school science teachers, published by the National Science Teachers Association.  


In this issue, I read the “Citizen Science” section, written by Jill Nugent.  The title of the article was “What Are Your Pipes Made Of? Find Out With Crowd The Tap Citizen Science.”  In this article, we learn about the Crowd the Tap Project which was created to create a comprehensive national inventory of tap water pipes as a first step toward ensuring safe drinking water for all. To learn more about this project, 



From the Twitterverse:  

Jen Wall@JenWallLCPS


I spent some time with the unified mental health team at Lunsford MS. The students, parents, & staff have an awesome group of professionals supporting the schools needs. I also spotted this Sources of Strength display! #lcpsmh

@sourcesstrength @JML_MS_Official @DrAsiaRJones

Alice Keeler@alicekeeler

When I make a directions document I type DIRECTIONS super huge in the title. #googleEDU


𝙎𝙝𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙮 𝙎𝙖𝙣𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙯@ShellTerrell

Where to Find Tons of Awesome Student Templates for Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Drawings! #edchat #edtech #elearning #gsuiteedu #googleedu


Phyllis Fagell, LCPC@Pfagell

Research shows that scolding won’t change a child’s behavior. Instead, invent a game that reinforces the desired behavior. For instance, if you want your child to make eye contact with adults, say: “Bet you can’t stare into my eyes for a full 10 seconds.”


DoInk Tweets@DoInkTweets


Students painting the green screen corner in the Innovation Center #greenscreen


Lisa Maucione@DrLMaucione

A couple of middle grade books to be published in 2020 that I enjoyed – From the Desk of Zoe Washington

@JanaeMarksBooks and Wink: Surviving Middle School With One Eye Open. They are definitely two to keep an eye out for. #pd4uandme



Pixton Comics@PixtonEDU

“Art is particularly powerful when it allows students to communicate learning when they cannot express it through writing.” #artseducation #edchat

Pixton Comics@PixtonEDU

The 32-page comic meets Common Core State Standards offers a concise overview of each branch of government, along with some encouraging messages about the importance of civic engagement, lest anyone feel helpless to change the status quo. #edchat



Crows have a reputation of being creepy. I mean, a group of them is called a “murder” —not exactly subtle. But what’s REALLY unsettling is that they can memorize human faces, they use tools, and they have so-called “funerals” for their dead. #NPRShortWave


Eric Sheninger@E_Sheninger

Don’t Forget Closure

#edchat #edutwitter #education #pedagogy

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Free, Online Conference

Practical Ed Tech Creativity Conference. It will be held over the course of three afternoons/ evenings in December (10-12). 


Digital Escape Room 


Math Resources 


Voraciously Made in America:

How four dishes with roots in other lands tell a story of immigration and transformation.

By Tim Carman and Shelly Tan 


NPR Student Podcast Challenge

Will be announced in January. 


Earth History 


National History Day

Sacrifice for Freedom®: World War II in the Pacific Student & Teacher Institute, sponsored by the Pearl Harbor Historic Site partners, provides an exceptional opportunity for 16 student/teacher teams to study World War II in the Pacific in Honolulu, Hawai’i, in summer 2020.  

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