MSM 452: Notification! Greek Out!


What kind of bagel can fly?

  • A plain bagel

Why did they call it the “dark ages”?

  • There were so many “knights”.

Why do EMTs travel in twos?

  • They are paramedics.



Ziegarnik Effect

What can waiters, the TV series ‘Lost’ and the novelist Charles Dickens teach us about avoiding procrastination?

  • when people manage to start something they’re more inclined to finish it.

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Why Can I See My Breath on Cold Days? (4 Minutes)

I was recently reading the January, 2020 issue of “Science & Children,” a magazine written for elementary school science teachers, published by the National Science Teaching Association.  

In this issue, I read the “Science 101” section. The title of the article, within the section was “Why Can I See My Breath on Cold Days?,” written by Matt Bobrowsky.  

Although this magazine is written for teachers of elementary students, the concept of condensation is really not introduced to students until 5th or 6th grade.  So this topic is of interest to teachers of students at the beginning of middle school. When a gas changes to a liquid, that is called condensation

From the Twitterverse:  

EL Magazine @ELmagazine

“If we create a culture where every teacher believes they need to improve, not because they aren’t good enough, but because they can be even better, there is no limit to what we can achieve.” —Dylan Wiliam ICYMI read “Take a Praise Walk!”


Josh Chin @joshchin

A photo from Caixin reporter Ding Gang of Wuhan doctors paying respects to Li Wenliang. 100% of my WeChat feed, from dissident lawyers to Huawei employees, is raging over Li’s death. Haven’t seen China unified like this since the Wenzhou train crash.

Typical EduCelebrity @EduCelebrity

This Valentine’s Day, spend this special evening with your passion: grading, lesson planning, and curriculum writing. Remember, there is no greater love than a labor of love.

Mike Roberts @BaldRoberts

To all the teachers who are fed up with Tik Tok… Trust me – This too shall pass. Sincerely, FortNite, Minecraft, PokémonGo, SnapChat, Fidget spinners, that cup thing from “Pitch Perfect”, Crocs, Silly Bandsz, and all the members of One Direction.

Fixing Education@FixingEducation

Why Are Teachers Leaving The Profession? •Inadequate preparation for new teachers •Lack of support •Class sizes •They are worked to the bone •Low salaries •Little to no recognition •Their time isn’t respected •Better opportunities elsewhere MUST DO BETTER #EdChat

Typical EduCelebrity @EduCelebrity

I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but word is that Trump, if re-elected, will appoint me as the new Secretary of Education. I hope you factor that into your decision of how to vote in November…

Typical EduCelebrity  @EduCelebrity

If students should not have to answer questions that they can get from Google, then teachers should not have to write lesson plans that they can get from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Don’t forget #mschat every Thursday at 8:00 pm EST.  Look for your host, Todd Bloch, to have a middle school topic all ready to go!  Make it a strategic part of your personal professional development.



Greeking Out!  Podcast 

This podcast is creatively written to catch your middle school social studies students’ attention.

The 1619 Project – Update

Princeton History professor Allen Guelzo says it “is not history; it is conspiracy theory. The 1619 Project is not history; it is ignorance”  Guelzo goes on to say that it is a polemic rather than an historical account. Chicago Public Schools has ordered 200-400 copies for distribution to schools.

Web Spotlight:  

Earth Day

Please spread the word to teachers that middle schools can Sign up for Earth Day. 

Since 2004, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development have hosted the annual Earth Day Celebration at Constitution Hall in Lansing, offering conference style session rotations.  This year’s event has been modified to spotlight hands-on, interactive lessons that align with Next Generation Science Standards for middle school students.  

Schools are invited to participate in the 2020 Earth Day Event, Poster Contest and the new Environmental Service Award competition.  Visit for contest rules, deadlines, and application information.  The attached email highlights school group opportunities and registration for the event.  Schools can now register online to attend. Please see the attachment for event information and the registration link.  

We are looking forward to celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day focusing on climate action.

What do Teachers Want

The fastest-growing categories of requests are “warmth, care, and hunger,” health and wellness, and character education.

Random Thoughts . . .  

Math Follow Up

Loved the example of 8% of 25 being the same as 25% of 8.  I thought this was so cool (you mentioned it previously two weeks ago) I have told others, but then I mentioned this to a math teacher.  She said, oh yes, that is the commutative property of math. It works for every pair of numbers.

She was the only one to mention it.  I don’t think any other of my friends remembered this property. 🙂  

Lotus Seed Pops

Completely random item.  They’re delicious. Wonderful snack.  Strange enough your students won’t steal them off of your desk.  Just sayin’.  

Find them here:  Lotus Seed Pops    

The Cost of Free

We are stewards of student information. Do we have a responsibility to understand why something is free? 

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