MSM 454: UGLY Gerry & There’s a Full Moon On the Rise


I have a friend who made a boat about the length and width of a hat. 

  • Now he’s afraid that it’s capsized.

Hey, did you hear about the husband who was out of town when his wife went into labor? He rushed to get the hospital as quickly as he could. He had the taxi driver speed. However, his wife had just given birth when he made it to the hospital. I guess you could say he was “Dad on arrival”. 

It’s a little disconcerting to set your GPS to the cemetery. It announces that “you have reached your final destination”. 

I tried to catch some fog the other day. 

  • Mist

I bought an old fashioned radio the other day. It was a great deal, only $1. The volume is stuck at Max. 

  • I can’t turn that down.

My friend put his kid in jail for not taking a nap. The charge?

  • Resisting a rest

Don’t be mad at lazy people

  • They didn’t do anything

Something to think about. It’s not surprising that people are prisoners of their phones.

  • After all, they are called “cell phones”



Eye Test

Sand Painting

UGLY Gerry

Living without Cell Phone

Welcome to Green Bank, population 143, where Wi-Fi is both unavailable and banned and where cellphone signals are nonexistent.

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Middle School Science Minute: When Making Do Is Not Good Enough

I was recently reading the February, 2020 issue of “Science Scope,” a magazine written for middle school science teachers, published by the National Science Teaching Association. 

In this issue, I read the “From the Editor’s Desk” section and the title of the article, within the section was “When Making Do Is Not Good Enough,” written by Patty McGinnis. 

The article describes how our real focus in science education should be to convince our communities to wholeheartedly support science education.

From the Twitterverse:  

Yong Zhao, Ph.D @YongZhaoEd

Your input wanted: A thought experiment: What If Schools Are Closed for More than a Year Due to the New Coronavirus (COVID-19)?  

Nick Covington @CovingtonAHS

From @YongZhaoEd “What Works May Hurt” (2017): “…students in the direct instruction condition were initially more successful in solving well-structured problems. However…their performance on tasks that required deeper conceptual understandings was inferior…”

Solomon Yue  @SolomonYue

You must be kidding!!!

Quote Tweet

曾錚 Jennifer Zeng  @jenniferatntd

中共党媒认为在 #武汉肺炎 这个问题上, “是世界欠了中国的。” Mainland Chinese media demands an apology from the rest of the world for the sacrifice China has made for #coronavirus

Alfonso Mendoza Jr., M.Ed.  @TechTeacher1381

Check out Day 6 of our Chrome Extensions You Should Know  @wakelet

collection. Today we explore the TabCoud extension! Direct links are provided in the videos description on @YouTube. #WakeletWave #WakeletCollection #WakeletAmbassador

Amber Mac  @ambermac

“DuckDuckGo (launched) Tracker Radar—an open-source, automatically generated & continually updated list that currently contains more than 5k domains that more than 1,700 companies use to track people online…. to create a better set of tracker blockers.”

Mike Flynn  @MikeFlynn55

I’m running free trainings on how to teach online for educators affected by the #coronavirus outbreak. The trainings will be recorded and shared with those who register in case you can’t attend a live session. Please help spread the word. Register: #MTBoS

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SketchNoting vs MindMapping

Our discussion

Russian Multiplication


Greeking Out!  Podcast 

This podcast is creatively written to catch your middle school social studies students’ attention.

Smithsonian Dumps Images Online – Creative Commons Zero License

For the first time in its 174-year history, the Smithsonian has released 2.8 million high-resolution two- and three-dimensional images from across its collections onto an open access online platform for patrons to peruse and download free of charge.

(Shawn says thanks to TechCoach Kerry for the heads up for bringing it up to him.)  


Free open source font. The web page has lots of explanations.

Web Spotlight:

Tikked off: What happens when TikTok fame fades

Miami Middle School Students Hope Their Magazine Will Help End Gun Violence


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