Podcast #114: Ukraine Fan Club and more!


My wife and I were at my high school reunion. As I looked around, I noticed the other men in their expensive suits with their bulging stomachs. Proud of the fact that I weighed just five pounds more than I did when I was in high school, the result of trying to beat a living out of a rocky hillside farm, I said to my wife, “I’m the only guy here who can wear the suit he graduated in.” She glanced at the prosperous crowd. “You’re the only one here who has to.”

A devastated-looking man knocks on the door of a woman known for her charity. “Please, ma’am,” he says when she opens up, “can you help this poor, tragic family down the block? The father just lost his job, and his wife is too ill to work. They’re about to be turned out into the cold streets unless someone can pay their rent.” “That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life!” says the woman. “May I ask who you are?” “Their landlord.”


What’s Your Story $10,000 Student Video contest is looking for your original work.  Create a video on internet safety and you could win $10,000 in prize money.  Must be 13+ to participate.

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Howdy gents!  I enjoyed seeing the article about using smart phones in Algebra class.  Last year I tried another approach to meet students with their own technologies.  I had my “ticket to leave” problem on the board and students had to send me a text message with the answer before they were excused for lunch.  I tried it for a couple of weeks to shake things up and students really enjoyed it.

Your Ukrainian fanclub President,

Robert Jackson
Kyiv International School




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Girls and Boys on Achievement




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