On Common Core Standards

There seems to be a bit of push back regarding the Common Core Standards. Many seem to be disappointed at President Obama’s continuation and extension of President Bush’s No Child Left Behind. Make no mistake, we are headed toward a national test. Interesting when other nations are realizing the strength of the American system.Read Yong Zhao’s “Catching Up…Or Leading the Way” for a different perspective on national testing. Anyway, a letter by Cindy Lutenbacher, Professor at Morehouse is currently making the rounds. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here:


She makes  a variety of good points. Among those points:

  • Look at who benefits.
  • Look at who developed the test (follow the money).
  • What do the people who are developing these tests know about educating children?
  • Which research is being followed and why?
  • Which research is being ignored and why?

All in all, it is a thoughtful article that should be debated.