MSM 481: Things That I Don’t Talk About with The Other 7th Grade Teachers


How is doing laundry like being our first Constitutional president?

  • We are Washing-a-ton

I wasn’t able to make an appointment at the Library. 

  • They were completely booked

No matter how much you push the envelope…

  • It’s still stationery

In order to drive an Electric car, do you need a current license?

Remember the legend of the sword in the stone. Why could only the true king remove it, and no one else?

  • They didn’t  have arthurization

I  have some racing Geese for sale. 

  • Anyone want a quick gander?

I have a friend who is just starting a new relationship. She asked him how he felt about pet names. He responded: 

  • Well, you have to call them something. 

Did you hear about the Dad who got a new tattoo? He got a thermos. 

  • Yep, don’t touch the thermos tat

I got thrown out of the Mime Club yesterday…

  • Must’ve been something I said. 

I lost my voice this week. 

  • I can’t tell you how annoying it is.

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Middle School Science Minute: Science and Art

I was recently reading the July/August, 2020 issue of “Science and Children” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association. 

In this issue, I read the “Science 101“ column written by Matt Bobrowsky.  His article was entitled “What’s a Fun Activity that Combines Science with Art?”

There are many connections between science and art, and one of the easiest to investigate, in school or at home, has to do with color.  The investigation works with coffee filter strips labeled with a black marker.  The coffee filters are then placed in water and the colors from the marker separate in the filter paper.  This investigation lets us see that there are different colors in a substance, such as tree leaves, which turn different colors in the fall.

Reports from the Front Lines

  • Reading the Directions 
  • Research Papers
  • Rick Rolling every student upon success
  • Parent Conferences
  • Is this getting “easier”?

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I refuse to work all weekend, I will, however, be ready for Monday and that is going to be good enough. My family needs to come before work now.

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I can’t remember who shared this idea on here, but THANK YOU to whoever gave me this idea. Our staff are sending anonymous notes to people to thank them and notice them. I’m loving it. Staff fill out a form, Autocrat makes a certificate, and emails go out. Simple but huge.

DuckDuckGo  @DuckDuckGo

This quick course from @EFF teaches you how to protect your privacy on social media. It covers: • Identifying what info to protect & changes to make to do so • The various ways commonly used social media platforms describe important privacy settings  

Dr. John Spencer  @spencerideas

The Roadmap for Collaborative Projects  

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Who’s feeling stressed?

Here are ten things you can do that may help. Sketchnote via @Haypsych

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How US schools punish Black kids | 2020 Election

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