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I did a study on introverts, but I’m keeping it to myself.

I tried to write a bio on the Beatles, but I couldn’t get it to…Come Together, Right Now. 

I’m writing a blog post on procrastination. But I’ve stopped. Then I circled back. Then I zigged. Then I zagged. 

I wrote a blog post on Greed, but I’m not going to share it with you. 

If you have the ability to temporarily block an opening and move when someone needs to pass through, what does that make you?

  • A door able

Do you know what Sin City is? 

  • Las Vegas, NV

How about Den city?

  • Mass divided by volume

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Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Middle School Science Minute: Using Literature in the Science Classroom

I was recently reading the November/December 2020 issue of “Science Scope” a publication for middle school teachers from the National Science Teaching Association. 

In this issue, I read the “From the Editor’s Desk“ column written by Patty McGinnis.  Her article was entitled “Using Literature in the Science Classroom.”

The Next Generation Science Standards contain numerous connections to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts as verification of the supporting role that literature serves when learning science.

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My Evil Twin


Today’s chat question: what perplexes you about adults?  GREAT conversation starter Wooclap opportunity . . . 

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Pernille Ripp @pernilleripp

Our youngest has declared tomorrow “Snuggle Book Holiday.” To partake you must drink hot cocoa, eat pumpkin dip, and read books by a fireplace or somewhere else warm. Please celebrate accordingly…

Diane Choe Moon @MrsDianeMoon

A colleague shared a video of a teacher putting stickers on her face every time a new student participated. I tried out the idea, and my classes were determined to get as many stickers on my face in an hour! Needless to say, I looked crazy by the end of it!


Mrs M Lapinskas  @mrslapinskasmfl

My top favourites for MFL elearning:  Quizlet, Kahoot, Quizizz, Linguascope, Languages online, Language gym, Kerboodle, Spanish Dict, Active Learn, Task Magic – what are yours? #MFLchat

Christie @ChristieNold

So… I can just invite my family into my classroom this Thanksgiving, right? Schools are magically immune?

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Why Do Teachers Love Sad Books Like Where the Red Fern Grows?


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Armistice Day Resource – Sabaton, In Flanders Fields

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