MSM 487: Linguee-knee and Its Raining in Germany


I’m trying to avoid jokes about Thanksgiving. I’m not sure that I can go cold turkey though. 

I had a Rudy Giuliani joke, but it lost its appeal. 

Did you know crocodiles can grow up to 15 feet? 

  • I’ve only seen ones that have 4 though

Did you know that every beekeeper has attractive eyes? 

  • Beauty is in the eye of the bee holder.

Why should you never teach a wolf to meditate? 

  • It would become Aware Wolf

I bought some tickets to a stand up comedy show for my daughter. 

  • I told her to have a laugh at my expense. 

Due to restrictions, the Seven Dwarfs have been advised to only meet in groups of six. 

  • One of them isn’t Happy. 

Do they allow loud laughing in Hawaii? 

  • Or are you limited to a low ha? 

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Conducting Science Labs in a Virtual World, Part 2

Teachers can include labs in online learning by using science experimentation at home with an emphasis on safety and family involvement.  In this environment, don’t forget that flexibility can be provided by allowing digital options, which allows for student choice and equity.  The results of these experiments can be shared on a virtual bulletin board.  When conducting at-home science experiments, follow National Science Teaching Association guidelines and require parent supervision.

Reports from the Front Lines

  • Thankful for a break and will be thankful again in three weeks for an extended break.
  • How do you plan for a short week?  


From Axis:  The Culture Translator – Some Things Are Just Better In Person

What it is: If there were some conspicuously empty places at your table this Thanksgiving, you weren’t alone. Survey data compiled by marketing research firm YPulse found that 54% of Gen Z said they planned to have intimate gatherings with only people already in their COVID “bubble” to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.

Why it’s a conversation starter: However your plan to celebrate (or not celebrate) Thanksgiving came together this year, it was probably a little bit different than previous celebrations. And that’s okay. It can feel sad to miss out on traditions, and confusing to navigate increasingly conflicting restrictions and guidance during the coronavirus pandemic. Skin hunger—longing to experience the physical touch and closeness of other people—is a real need, similar to thirst for water and hunger for food. Having to limit, or cancel, long-standing plans feels awful, and hashtags about gratefulness won’t do much to numb the sting. In the days after Thanksgiving (and in the weeks before an unprecedented Christmas), give your teen opportunities to express the frustration and stress of physical loneliness, and remind them that feeling their feelings doesn’t mean they aren’t grateful for what they’ve got.

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The Twitterverse

Fixing Education  @FixingEducation

Within a 5 year period, my district trained teachers on… •ClassDojo •Remind •Edmodo •Schoology •ClassTag All of these share many similar functions. We need to stop jumping to ‘the next best thing’, give teachers a break and choose an all-in-one system! #EdChat #EduTwitter

The Modest Teacher  @ModestTeacher

Here’s a stone cold fact: Some kids have used 100% virtual school as a means to effectively drop out and many of their parents have acquiesced. We are going to be dealing with the ramifications of this for years.


It is time to gather materials to nominate or apply for the MACUL awards.

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Translation with lots of details.

Bill of Rights Institute – Free eCivics Book!

American Battlefield Trust – Gettysburg AR Experience

Step onto the battlefields of Gettysburg and witness history as it happened through virtual recreations and augmented reality technology. Interact with soldiers and civilians who experienced what it was like to be at the Civil War’s bloodiest battle. Be there when President Lincoln gives his famous Gettysburg Address. The Gettysburg AR Experience is now available for FREE via the App Store and Google Play.

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Julia Child, The French Chef, 1963

Tuttle Twins Series (Economic Principles in Story Form)

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Radio Stations from around the world.

Tip Of My Tongue

Find those words that are, well, on the tip of your tongue.

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Fresh for Christmas 2020!  The Pandemic Version of We Three Kings

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