MSM 129- “The Exquisite Corpse . . .”


One night a husband and his wife were sleeping and suddenly the wife woke up. “Dear, there’s a burglar eating the cake downstairs!” said the wife. “So should I call the police or the ambulance?” asked the husband.

During basic army training, a sergeant was telling his group how a submachine gun sprayed bullets. He drew a circle on a blackboard and announced that it had a 260 degree angle. “But, sergeant, all circles have 360 degrees,” called out a conscript. “Don’t be stupid,” the sergeant roared. “This is a small circle.”

Tee Time
Two men were talking about golf. One of them said, “I shoot in the 70’s.” The other replied, “That’s great!” The first one said, “Yeah, if it gets any cooler than that, I go to the clubhouse.”

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PLNs enforced by administration.


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Library of Congress:  The Exquisite Corpse . . .

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A wonderful write up of 9 tools that you can use to create surveys. Interesting. The list does NOT include Google Forms, which is most commonly used survey tool.


Videos useful for Professional Development.
The Schoolwide Network was created in response to the lack of quality video (and print) resources available on the Internet today. With all of the rich media now available via the Internet and mobile technologies, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information being pushed toward us and our children every day.

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Tiering Lessons

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ISTE 2010

ISTE 2010:  Virtual Schools

Virtual School Initiative:  21st Century Learning and Teaching
Dr. Kathy Hayden:  Assistant Professor of Educational Technology, California State University, San Marcos
Stacey Campo via Skype (teacher):  Poway Unified School District

  • Stacey is an Apple Professor at Cal. State.
  • Path to Growth
  • This developed out of a book they read.
    • Does your district offer online courses?
  • Articulating the Vision
    • “Our district goal that every student is using technology to engage in learning customized to their needs, master rigorous content which develops 21st century literacy skills and culminates in college readiness.”
  • Articulating the vision:  Support learning activities delivered from a shared knowledge of principles of effective learning with multiple opportunities …
  • Summit feedback:  The online learning summit participants recognized that a successful launch of a PUSD Virtual High School will require:
    • On-going staff development in online pedagogy.
    • Teacher Union/Administrative Counseling suport.
    • Curriculum alignment with PUSD and CA standards.
    • Technical Support
    • Sufficient, sustainable technical resources.
    • Competition was a driving force.
  • Modeling and embedding principles of effective learning and teaching.
    • Tier 1:  Basic integration
    • Tier 2:  Integrated practices.
    • Tier 3:  Thought Leaders
  • Professional Development
    • 1.  Directly engage staff
    • 2.  Leverage technology
    • 3.  Create alternative evaluations
    • All of this comes with a pay raise.
  • TLC:  Teaching and Learning Cooperatives
  • Partnership:  Poway USD and California State University
    • Distinguished Professor in Residence Grant
    • 360 Hours of support
    • Professional expertise and experience
  • Polling question:  Should teachers be certified to teach online?
    • Audience answer:  25% yes.
  • Health is one of the first things that high schools take online.
  • “Learning Point Portal” on the screen now.
  • Teacher Pay
    • $2500 to develop the course.
    • If they teach the course, they get a fractional pay for it.
    • Additional pay if they are teaching outside their content area.
    • Site to check out:
  • Find interesting ways to have conversations in an on-line settng.
    • INACOL: Standards (not a perfect match)
    • Essential Elements:  Concord Consortium
    • PUSD Virtual School
    • Discussion Forums
      • It is important that these kids talk.
      • It led to kids reconnecting with kids they had been friends with at other schools.
    • Scaffolding for success
      • Constant communication in multiple mediums.
      • If they fell below the 70% line, parents were called by the grading software.
        • ConnectEd messages.
      • Real-world thinking
      • Decision-Making
      • Authentic Learning
      • Engaged the teachers and students in project based learning.

ISTE 2010:  10 Essential Technology Leadership Components (
This session is filled with folks.  Standing room only.  10 mins. to go to presentation too!
“Very quick and inappropriate video”. Old lady sets off airbag. Very funny.

Sponsor info:
Chris O’Neal, University of Virginia Professor.

Storm the stage. Alternate title.
Ten Considerations for Technology Leadership
Equity of access. (
This should include access at home.
We should have this between 8 & 3:30
We should not use tech as a reward but as a tool.
Our problem is not enough tech to use in the classroom.
Understanding and Using Data.   (
Rigor and relevance.
Effective Professional Development.  (
Think individual schools and individual grades.
Walk the walk, talk the talk.  (
We have to model the tech we want people to use.
Vision: collaborative and authentic:
Using a google survey/form in a faculty meeting.
Establish a Common Vision  (
Does everyone speak the same language and work toward the same ultimate goals?  Does everyone see where technology can take us?
Reward and encourage innovation.  (
Do we encourage, praise, reward those who move forward, innovate, show growth?  Are some of your non-techies at this conference?
Look for the ASCD survey on rewards
Genuine Reflection  (
NSD says that reflection is critical to integrating PD.
Student-driven technology  (
Get student managers.  They are less likely to disengage if they’re able to offer expertise on issues.
PLN. ( #edchat)
Do you rely on only yourself or journals?
Your topic is …?
Why is that important?
Web 2.0 for Leaders
onealchris on Twitter.
Technology Leadership by Modeling
NETS-A Based
Google Apps for Education
Creative Commons
Challenge to Leaders for Summer 2010:  Play around over the summer.  Build a few “back to school” faculty meetings:
Model a new, relevant technology (His suggestion:  Animoto)
Lead higher-order conversations about technology.  (
Ensure classroom-level digital equity.  (
Ten Web 2 Apps for Leaders
Google Apps:  Google Docs Education Version  (
Blogging:  21 Classes or Edublogs  (
Wikis:  Wikispaces for Education  (
Social Bookmarking:  Delicious  (
Copyright:  Creative Commons  (
Social Presentations:
Free audio & video chat:  Skype  (
Audio recording and Podcasting:  Audacity  (
Social Video – the Education Version:  SchoolTube  (
Microblogging:  Twitter  (
Web 2.0 questions/issues to consider
Student engagement
Student safety
Curricular worthiness
Reliability of tool
Technical issues (storage, bandwidth)
Professional Development and/or Support needs.  (
Other Web 2 Sites to Explore:
School 2.0:
Educator’s Social Network:
Learn Out Loud:
Library Thing:
ISTE’s Advocacy and Policy:
United States Department of Education:
State Departments of Education:
21st Century Skills
Partnership for 21st Century Skills:
Multimedia Archives:
Internet Archive:
Teacher Tube:
Google Video:
Assorted Stuff:
21st Century Collaborative:
Technology Times Live Podcast:
The List at
Principals/Administrative Blog:
Dangerously Irrelevant:
ThinkFree Online Office Suite:
Open Source Software:
Open Source Assistive Technology:
Online Professional Development:
Edutopia George Lucas Videos on iTunesU (link will launch iTunes):
Virginia’s iTunes University (link will launch iTunes):
Get a Free Education Online:
Microsoft’s Education Competencies:
PT3 Now!:
Annenberg Media:
Internet Safety:
Buying Stuff:
Educational Leadership Readings:
UbD and Technology
Change and Leadership
Marzano’s Classroom Instruction that Works
Chris O’Neal:
Karen (?):
ISTE 2010 Site for this presentation:

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  • ISTE Eduverse Talks are the recorded sessions held on ISTE Island every week. Join ISTE in their Second Life conference location for their weekly talks on education.
    • The ISTE Special Interest Group:  Virtual Environments is holding meetings on Mondays from 4:00 – 6:00 pm (SLT) on ISTE Island.
  • The Ohio Middle Level Association will hold their annual conference February 17 – 18, 2011.
  • Second Life:
    • Regular Tuesday meetings are scheduled. See the board on the ISTE Island for up to the minute details.  Check frequently this week as the ISTE Annual Convention is this week.
    • Video: Educational Uses of Second Life