MSM 497: TikTok Pasta Dancing Down By the Bayeux


Why do ice cream vendors make the best reporters?

  • They always get the scoop

My friend married a woman who installs internet connections. 

  • Definitely a Wifi can proud of.

If you wear cowboy boots, chaps, and a fringe shirt….

  • You are Ranch dressing

What’s the opposite of Lady Fingers? 

  • Mentos

If you got your breakfast in Germany delivered by drone….

  • Luftwaffe

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Outstanding Science Trade Books for Middle School Students

The National Science Teaching Association in collaboration with the Children’s Book Council released the 2021 list of the Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students.  In this podcast we look at the 12 books recommended for Middle School Students.

  • Condor Comeback
  • Exploring the Elements: A Complete Guide to the Periodic Table
  • Old Enough to Save the Planet
  • Darwin’s Rival: Alfred Russel Wallace and the Search for Evolution
  • Return From Extinction: The Triumph of the Elephant Seal
  • Sea Otters: A Survival Story
  • The Big One: The Cascadia Earthquakes and the Science of Saving Lives
  • Blood and Germs: The Civil War Battle Against Wounds and Disease
  • Born Curious: 20 Girls Who Grew Up to be Awesome Scientists
  • Changing the Equation: 50+ US Black Women in STEM
  • Plasticus Maritimus: An Invasive Species
  • To Fly Among the Stars: The Hidden Story of the Fight for Women Astronauts

Reports from the Front Lines

  • COVID Vaccine and The Day After . . . 
  • Where is the tipping point where you call it the “Year of the Virtual” or bring ‘em back to school?  
  • CDC Guidelines
  • Teaching structures


Life Lessons from 100 Year

If my cake fails, I made pudding…

People give up too easily…

9 habits of highly successful people, from a man who spent 5 years studying them

Free Bayeux App

Now, anyone can create their own medieval-style storyboards, greeting cards, or memes using an online application known as the Historic Tale Construction Kit. Created by a team of programmers (Leonard Allain-Launay, Mathieu Thoretton, Maria Cosmina Etegan), the site allows users to digitally recombine the dramatic lettering and images seen in medieval tapestries to create their own, new image.

The Twitterverse

Phyllis Fagell, LCPC  @Pfagell

Sixth grader: “I’m so sick of smizing all day.” 

Me: “Smizing?” 

Sixth grader: “Yeah — smiling with my eyes..”  

Ditch That Textbook  @DitchThatTxtbk

Why your students need a podcast: How to do it fast and free…

Run And Rant PLN   @runandrant

Did you know? “The modern shape comes from the Italian didactic poem Documenti d’amore by F. Barberino in the 14thcentury. One illustration — depicting cupid throwing arrows and roses at bystanders — included hearts. Shortly after it appeared in other works of visual art.”  @migov

Stay Smart. Stay Safe. @MichiganHHS reports today, Feb. 12, 2021, 1,193 new COVID-19 cases & 10 deaths. This brings #Michigan‘s total cases to 573,372 & 15,062 deaths. Find the latest data & #COVID19 news at #MaskUpMichigan

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Hold a School Dance . . . At Home . . . 

Not sure what your school dances are like, but the ones at my school are loud music and kids sitting around eating pizza and drinking Faygo.  So why not hold a virtual “dance” over Google Meet/Zoom/DingTalk/Jitsi?  Introduce the idea with a EuroVision video from The Roop:  

Backstory:  The Roop was a 2020 finalist in the EuroVision competition, but it was cancelled due to COVID-19.  The video above is their automatic entry to this year’s EuroVision contest and the first part is a take on their 2020 video:  It’s EuroVision, just keep that in mind . . . You can see an interview here with The Roop about the video.  I don’t get the hands thing either . . .  


How to Spot Fake News

100-Plus Mentor Texts for Documenting Your Life in 2020

First Book Free Resources

Synth Podcasting Platform Updates

The Culture Translator

Tech documentary The Social Dilemma starts with a quote from Sophocles: “Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse.” If you’ve never peered into the vast pool of data companies like Google collect on us, consider reading this article from, maybe even with your teens. Then ask them some of the following questions.

  • Does the fact that companies track what we do online bother you? Why or why not?
  • If smartphone data can help catch criminals, do you think it’s worth all of us being watched?
  • When does data collection go too far?
  • What would it look like for a company to use ethical or religious principles in how they collected data?  

Slang of the Week

acting brand new: when some development (often a new purchase or a new friend group) causes someone to act like they’re above what they used to enjoy. (Ex: “We always used to sit together at lunch, but ever since Topanga got that haircut, she’s been acting brand new!”)  

TikTok On a Platter

What it is: A simple recipe for baked feta pasta is all over TikTok.

Why it’s time to break out the Pyrex: Now known as “the TikTok pasta,” this concoction has blocks of feta cheese flying off the shelves. (Supermarkets in Finland even ran out of the popular Greek cheese, which is traditionally made from brined sheep’s milk). If your teen has any affinity for cooking at all, they’ve probably tried this recipe or at least want to. If you’re able to get ahold of a few cherry tomatoes and one of those 18 ounce hunks of feta, you might have a recipe for some family time together in the kitchen. (As the teens say, “Wholesome!”) Of course, it’s also possible that they’re quite sick of seeing the pasta all over their For You Page.

What is Love?  

What does love look like?  No, not that .. . . 

400 Years of Literary Examples

Web Spotlight:  

Maintaining Classroom Discipline (1947)

Why most schools won’t ‘reinvent’ themselves after the pandemic

Random Thoughts . . .  

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