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Troy and Shawn talk about remote learning moving forward, gamification and more. Dave discusses the importance of curiosity, persistence, and perseverance.


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Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Technology and Scientific Habits of Mind

I was recently reading the March/April 2021 issue of “The Science Teacher” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association.  In this issue, I read the section “Editor’s Corner” written by Ann Haley Mackenzie.  Ann wrote an article entitled “Technology and Scientific Habits of Mind.”

The focus of her article was on the importance of curiosity, persistence, and perseverance.  If we are too busy covering the content instead of providing a place for uncovering the science content with the students, then many chances for curiosity, persistence, and perseverance are lost.  

Reports from the Front Lines

  • The push to the end of the year . . . 
  • How do you build/develop a course in an LMS?
  • Do you share? 
  • What do we focus on moving forward?
  • Tone setting when kids come back

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How to Build a Resilient School Community, Phyllis Fagell, AMLE Mag. Oct. 2020.

  1. Establish the Mindset – How will they look at this situation?  
    1. Use family stories of how they overcame a situation, resource materials for class that show how people have overcome adversity in the past.
  2. Set up a culture of confidence and competence:  
    1. Create some parenting supports.  
      1. Establish what a learning situation at home looks like.  What teacher skills are useful for a parent in this situation?  Parents won’t be evaluated as teachers, different skill sets.  
    2. Provide supports for the teaching staff. 
    3. Play to student strengths and provide flexible assessments with choice boards that let students have choice in how they show mastery.  
    4. Feedback ratio:  6 positive to 1 negative.  
  3. Emotions spread across a social network – Set the tone!


AMLE Resource Center

Announcing the new AMLE Resource Center. Search for resources and products across 30 categories, each with short, informative descriptors to help you quickly determine what might meet your school’s requirements. The Resource Center will be regularly updated, so you can check back frequently for the latest listings.

Axis – The Culture Translator

From Snapchat to SCOTUS

What it is: On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Levy (a former high school cheerleader) vs. the State of Pennsylvania.

Why it will set a standard: Freshman Brandi Levy was furious when she discovered, four years ago, that she wasn’t going to advance to the varsity squad. So she did what many teens her age might do; she posted an expletive-filled rant to her private Snapchat account, which she anticipated would disappear after 24 hours. Instead, a screenshot of her post was shared with one of the cheer coaches, and Levy was kicked out of the program completely. A federal court ruled that Levy’s speech took place off-campus, making it within her rights to post whatever she wanted. But social media has changed the way that many people define a “place,” and the school argues that it’s hard to pin down where “campus” ends and private life begins. Current free speech protections for students are mostly based on a SCOTUS hearing on students’ rights to protest the Vietnam War, a ruling that came down in 1969. The SCOTUS verdict, expected in June, will likely set a landmark precedent for students’ free speech rights on social media.

Slang of the Week

issa vibe: when all the details of a situation come together to provoke one sensory feeling or experience. (Ex: “Ice cream, flip flops, my favorite tank top, the smell of the lake and an old beach blanket. Issa vibe.”)  

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