MSM 513: Don’t Fall For the House Flipper


Shawn and Troy talk about taking a break, resetting, and more. Dave talks about weather predictions and NOAA. 


Hey, do you remember the chiropractor joke I told about a week back? 

Hey, did you hear that it now costs $1.50 to air have put into your tires. 

  • That’s the cost of inflation these days

Do you want to hear a joke about a ghost?

  • That’s the spirit

Did you hear about the fraudster who was installing kitchen worktops? 

  • He was charged with counter fitting

How come the penguin charged with a felony didn’t have to post bail?

  • Not a flight risk

Did you hear about the kid who didn’t want to make butter? 

  • He had to anyway; it was his churn.

A guy was walking through a jungle and saw a lizard on his hind legs telling jokes. He turned to his friend and said, “That lizard is really funny!”

The friend said, “That’s not a lizard, that’s a stand up chameleon”. 

Did you hear about the guy who talks with sneakers? 

  • Well, actually, he converses. 

To the person who stole my glasses. 

  • I will find you. I have a contacts. 

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

NOAA Satellites Predict and Protect

I was recently reading the May/June 2021 issue of “Science Scope” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association.  In this issue, I read the section “Scope on the Skies” written by Bob Riddle.  Bob wrote an article entitled “Earth Watch.”

The planet Earth is currently the only place where we can live, and just like our homes, classrooms, and local communities, there is a constant need for environmental awareness.  This should highlight both the importance of thinking globally while dealing with local circumstances and the importance of monitoring our ”home” from a global perspective, using for example, NOAA Satellites.

Reports from the Front Lines

The Twitterverse  

Typical EduCelebrity   @EduCelebrity

People who see a horse in this image are right brain thinkers. People who see a dolphin are left brain thinkers. If what you see looks like a blurry closeup of my living room wall, then you’re using your whole brain.  

Lisa C. Sproul   @MrsRCSproulJr

Gossip has no friends, just addicts.

Ryan Hazen  @MisterHazen

For everyone that missed @moodler‘s keynote @mtmoot yesterday, here it is! We’re still processing all of the videos from #mtmoot, I’ll update as we add more. Lots of info about #Moodle 4.0, @brickfieldlabs, @moonamihq, @MLC_Moodle, and @ElearningExp

Phyllis Fagell, LCPC  @Pfagell

I reassure parents that middle schoolers aren’t lazy – most just lack planning skills. But sometimes kids won’t produce because of an approach-avoidance conflict — e.g. they may WANT to complete & share an assigned poem but worry they’ll get teased. Try to ID any unspoken fears.

Social Studies@socialstudiestx 

#Socialstudies educators: we are looking for people that are interested in joining our #ssunconference this December. It will be free and we need help with planning presenters and more.  Join us! #sschat #sstlap #education #teachertwitter  

Wesley Fryer, Ph.D.   @wfryer

Closing #digiURI challenge from @khokanson: Write a letter to your future self with @futureme (or write an analog letter, seal it in an envelope, w/ the cover message, “Do not open until…”) #MediaLit #change #YouCanChange #teaching #learning #pedagogy

Evan Robb @ERobbPrincipal

A simple leadership tip- Look for more reasons to elevate than to criticize. It will change a school culture.

Mike Szczepanik@MikeSzczepanik

Everything is Formative until it’s not! –@rickwormeli2 from #12hourlive #Teachbetter

#mschat every Thursday at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.  And as Troy says, “The Twitter never stops!” 


Cognitive Learning Review

Three Ideas for Encouraging Students to do Research in Digital Archives

Richard Byrne has a great example of a search challenge. Help your students learn how to search.

And the Follow UP:


Three Strategies for Productive Teacher Mentoring – Edutopia

Teacher mentoring programs, no matter the locale, tend to provide yearlong, one-to-one guidance to less experienced teachers, with mentors and mentees typically meeting at least once a week. Through those meetings with veteran teachers, plus impromptu classroom visits, lunchtime chats, texts, and phone calls, new teachers gain professional knowledge, skills to reflect on the status quo, and a vision for the future.

The Three Most Effective Instructional Strategies for Science—According to Teachers

  • ‘My Favorite Word Is the F-word’
  • Revising Models
  • Play

House Flipper:  How Not To Fall For A Sower of Dissatisfaction – World  

“Now that our money isn’t worth anything anymore, we see prospectors like flies around carrion making offers on our house. Sign of the times. As when Joe Kennedy discerned the signal to exit the stock market the day a shoeshine boy gave him stock tips.”

Slang of the Week:  

bussin: something really delicious or enjoyable, usually food-related. (Ex: “Check out what my mom made for dinner last night… Bussin!”)  

Axis – The Culture Translator 


What it is: A TikTok trend called #narcissisticparent (paywall) started as a way to vent about emotionally abusive relationships. Now it has become a catch-all for posting about complicated family dynamics.

Why it’s affecting your relationship with your teen: The rise of “therapy-speak” has equipped young adults with a way to talk about abusive behavior and hurt they have experienced. Unfortunately, it’s also armed a generation of teens with overly-simplistic explanations for human behavior that they don’t like. Videos that use clinical diagnostic terms like “narcissistic personality disorder” (NPD) and “borderline personality disorder” (BPD) to describe behavior in their families have hundreds of millions of views, each with dozens of commenters congregating underneath to cheer on the OP (original poster) in any efforts to ditch these “toxic” relationships. When caretakers try to establish boundaries or enforce discipline on their children, there’s an army of cyber-warriors standing at the ready to offer teens validation while they villainize their parents.  

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