MSM 518: And This is How I Find Out If They Read It or Not!


Shawn and Troy discuss how the kids are doing coming back to school. Are there gaps (learning, social, behavioral)? Kids are making connections with adults. Learn about helping students study. Dave tells us which came first the Chicken or the Egg?


If you ever get locked out of your house, why is it important to talk calmly? 

I was trying to help my wife with her crossword puzzle the other day. The clue was, “Overworked mailman”. I asked how many letters. She said, “I’m guessing too many”. 

I friend just got a personalized license plate: BAA BAA

  • It’s for a Black Jeep

Did you know that Mortal Kombat is actually based on an old Scandinavian church song?

  • Yes,  Finnish Hymn

Tom Cruise has succeeded 6 times in a row. Why do they keep calling them “Mission Impossible?”

Did you hear about the two silk worms that had a race?

  • They ended in a tie

I have a friend who is starting a new business. It’s a kissing booth where you can have one last kiss with someone you used to date. It’s called “Great Ex Peck Stations”. 

Did you hear about the invisible man and the invisible woman who got married? I’m not sure what they saw in each other, and their kids are nothing to look at. 

I don’t always whoop, but when I do, there it is. 


Ernie Johnson: ‘Make somebody’s life Better’ ‘There’s value in everybody’

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

“Which Came First – the Chicken or the Egg?”

I was recently reading the July/August 2021 issue of “Science & Children” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association.  In this issue, I read the section “Science 101” written by Matt Bobrowsky.  Matt wrote an article entitled “Which Came First – the Chicken or the Egg?”

This is one of those questions that people jokingly ask assuming there is no answer to it – like “If a tree falls in a forest….” In this podcast we realize how the methods of science can provide us with “egg-celent” answers to so many questions.

Reports from the Front Lines

  • Tiktok “Challenge”/Vandalism – Soap in the Toilet  
  • Flu Shot + Shingles Shot = Ouch!  
  • Learning Gap?
  • Social Gap?
  • Behavior Gap?

The Twitterverse  

Typical EduCelebrity @EduCelebrity

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s still September.

Alice Keeler  @alicekeeler

Using Google Slides Game Board – Free Template For Teachers Use to create a game for your class.

Kelly Malloy @kellys3ps

Please and thank you!

Daniel Pink @DanielPink  

Too little free time burns us out. But too *much* free time bores us out. So, chill this weekend — but also do things that are active, productive, and meaningful.

Phyllis Fagell, LCPC  @Pfagell

4th grade boy: “I’m producing a TV show and holding auditions all recess.” Me: “What will you do if someone is disappointed with their part?” Boy: “As I told them all earlier, that’s just part of show biz.”

Bob Harrison  @bharrisonEDU

I’ve met with too many students and parents who were not doing well in a class, but were convinced they were “studying hard”. I always ask them what they are doing as they study. Here are 6 concrete strategies that can work across the curriculum:

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Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies


The Festival Near You

This year, the Library of Congress brings the National Book Festival closer to home. On each state’s page, you can find events such as watch parties, community conversations, story walks, poetry slams, book club meetings and more, brought to you by local organizations and affiliate Centers for the Book. You can also find information about each affiliate Center’s Great Reads from Great Places book pick and watch the video series. Select a state or territory below, or view all local events to create your personal Festival Near You experience.


The Critical Thinking Quiz

See if you can pick which fallacies are being committed in the following absurd examples.

Web Spotlight:  

AXIS:  The Culture Translator

  1. Toxicity Levels – Internal documents published by the Wall Street Journal reveal that Facebook knows how damaging its Instagram app can be for teen girls.  
  2. Gamers have replaced traditional celebrities with 13-39 year olds:  Based on input from 13-39 year olds, YPulse has put together a helpful list of some of the most-followed YouTubers and streamers in the gaming world.
  3. Slang of the Week:  Big Yikes: When you take something well-intentioned just a little bit too far..  Soft Launch:  When you post pictures of a budding romance, but nothing definitive to say there’s a relationship between two people.  

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