This show takes a look at the next two building blocks of a good PLC – Values & Goals.

Third Building Block:
One method, create a representative task force and challenge its members to:

  1. Carefully review the school’s vision statement
  2. Identify attitudes, behaviors and committments that must be demonstrated by the group in order to move the school closer to the vision.
  3. Develop a draft of a statement of these attitudes, behaviors and committments (limited to no more than 10 statements)
  4. Arrange small-group meetings with collegues to present task force findings, solicit feedback and answer questions.
  5. Revise initial draft
  6. Small group meetings until there is strong consensus for the statements.
  7. Present findings to the entire staff to obtain endorsement of the final product.

One of the big keys is to remember to involve Parents, Support Staff and Community members.

Mature vs. Immature PLCs-development of values/vision and implementation.
Some keys:

  • Keep them few in number
  • Link the statements directly to the vision statement
  • Be direct
  • Focus on behavior, not beliefs
  • Focus on self, not others

Fourth Building Block:
Which steps will we take first, and when?
Need to create some small victories. Thus, some short-term wins are necessary. In order to accomplish that, design some goals that are:

  1. Visible – large numbers of people can see for themselves whether the result is real or just hype.
  2. Unambiguous – There can be little argument over the results.
  3. Clearly related to the change effort.

Things to avoid:

  • Taking on too many initiatives at once. (Some schools have started 10 different task force intitiatives)
  • Identifying goals that are too general. Goals must be specific and measurable if they are to be effective. Effective goals will specify:
    • Exactly what is to be accomplished.
    • Specific steps that will be taken
    • Individual or group responsible for intiating/sustaining each step toward achieving the goal
    • timeline for each phase
    • Criteria in evaluating progress.