Technology Training for Teachers

The Cool Cat Teacher, Vicki Davis, has posted an article about expecting teachers to use technology but not providing them any technology integration classes. She starts with the premise that we wouldn’t ask teachers to teach something that they have no background or expertise in, yet we really do that all of the time. She claims that no states require technology integration classes. I don’t personally know if that’s true.

I would agree that we sometimes think that the younger teachers have more technology expertise than the more veteran teachers. Yet that isn’t always the case. It is surprising, in some cases, as to what  people know and don’t know.

The issue may be even bigger though. Do we really agree at what good “technology integration” looks like, feels like and is? Would every principal agree on “technology integration”?

Her point is well taken. However, I would take it even further. Too many teachers coming out of college don’t know the difference between summative and formative assessment. Too many teachers coming out of college have been trained for what was – not what is or what will be.

Yes, technology integration is important. So is the bigger picture.