NMSA07 Preview

Our excitement over the upcoming NMSA Conference can’t be contained. In this episode, we discuss conference attendence strategies and our picks for breakout sessions. Be forewarned, this is our longest podcast yet. We also announce our first ever give away – you could win an iPod. Listen to discover how.

We also discuss where to get Rick DuFour’s notes prior to going to the show (here) and some dining tips:

Houston discounts:

http://www.restaurant.com/ Has dining certificates that can reduce the price of eating out in Houston.

(Specific regions in Houston: http://www.restaurant.com/search-map-region.asp?PageSize=10&Page=1&VicinitySearchLevel=REGION&StateID=19&SearchID=&DistrictID=0&RegionID=32&rgid=32&nv=1&rn=TX) Use special code: SWEET