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Proper Grammar
The teacher wrote on the blackboard, “I ain’t had no fun all summer.” “Now Paul,” she said. “What shall I do to correct this?” “Get a boyfriend.” Paul replied.

Dressing Rooms
A lady walked into a boutique and asked the sales lady, “May I try on that cute dress in the window?” The sales lady replied; “Sure, but wouldn’t you be more comfortable in a dressing room?”

Birthday Presents
The parents of a difficult boy were discussing what to give him for a birthday present. The mother said, “Let’s buy him a bicycle.” “Well,” said the father, “maybe but do you think it will improve his behavior?” “Probably not,” said the mother, “but it will spread it over a wider area.”

On Our Mind:

NMSA 2010 Conference (If you’re going, contact us. We have a great link for you).
Keep in mind that new flight rules take effect on Nov. 1st.

Middle School Science Minute

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Dave is looking for an excellent Earth Science Middle School Teacher.

From our Listeners:

As far as the testing discussion goes, I am blown away by states that test the previous year’s material at the beginning of the following year. That just doesn’t make sense to me (not that I agree with all of NC’s testing program either). Here in NC, we administer EOG (End-of-Grade) tests about 3 weeks before school is out for the summer. Admin get the scores back about 5 hours after the last test is finished, and teachers usually get scores the following day. Scores are released to students before going home for the summer. The past couple of years, we have had a retest program for students who did not score at proficient levels.

Granted, there are issues with this system as well. Testing that far in advance of the end of school leads to a “Why are we still here?” attitude from some of the kids after the test. I think that makes much more sense than not being able to start the year covering relevant grade-level material.
Todd Williamson
Note:  We’re hoping there will be a ton of folks at his presentation on Friday at 7:30 am in Baltimore this coming week.  If you’re going to NMSA and willing, please consider his presentation in Room: 339 (Baltimore Convention Center)
Audience: Community Leaders, Media Specialists/Librarians, Pre-service teachers, Teachers, Technical Coordinators
Presentation Level: Intermediate
Presentation Description:  Students today live in a highly networked world—from email to text messaging to online gaming and social networking. Teachers, meanwhile, often express concerns about staying one step ahead of technology savvy students. Learn about the rationale for using social media in the classroom along with strategies for navigating the new media landscape with your students. Also featured will be the SMARTR portal, a STEM portal of youth- focused Math and Science virtual learning experiences developed for and by students!

From the Twitterverse:

*BernajeanPorter by ipadeducatorsRT @cnansen: @BernajeanPorter One of the most useful sites I have run across in the last month-Dot Voting #edchat
*AngelaMaiers The Complete Facebook For Educators! | Tech the Plunge
*CBrannon In a meeting. They gave me a laptop and want me to pay attention….I will…In a minute….
*kylepace 100 incredibly useful YouTube channels for teachers: #edtech
*jybuell How Allies Used Math Against German Tanks | Autopia |…
*Curriki “Quoth the Raven, Nevermore…” and nevermore will you be without great Halloween lesson plans! #english #history
*stevehargadon Recording posted of interview with Diane Ravitch on How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education
*DanielPink Memory decline accompanies earlier retirement, study finds . . . (via NY Times)
*drmmtatom My Brainshark – Easily Narrate and Share Presentations #fhuedu508

This Part for Infamous40000 . . . :

Hero Machine: Design your own superhero:
Uber-Mongo-Important assignment for operative Infamous40000:  Design a superhero and share the experience with us.  Call us at (262) 724-6653 and send us a copy of your superhero!

Tech Tools:


Great way to find new software.


Set up your group in under a minute.
Add people to your group by pulling them in from your email or Facebook contacts. They never need to sign up. As soon as you add, you can start communicating.
Each feature is designed to be straightforward and self-explanatory. No training. No learning curve.
Keep up with your group on-the-go. You can text message and email into your group, and receive group communications to your cell phone, email and Facebook.
All the tools you need packaged together.

Math Open Geometry

Great geometry resources.

Microsoft Academic Search

Looks to be technically oriented. Some good possibilities though. Conferences are included.

One Word

Interesting idea for a writing assignment.


Robots in the classroom?  They’re here!

Political Peril for the Common Core?

How to Assure Continued Progress

By Michael D. Usdan
Could the backlash against large governmental programs (like healthcare) effect the implementation of Common Core Standards?


Google Search Tools

“Secret” codes to make your google searching even better.

Big East Career Fair

Could this be the start of a new way of finding a job?

Teacher Jotter

Social Network for Teachers.
Build professional relationships, share resources, exchange ideas and opportunities.

Reading Slowly

Interesting thoughts on reading.

Collaboration Video

Does this look like collaboration at your school?

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