7 Lessons Students Learn

Found this post via Scott McLeod:

Alan McCluskey from the Swiss Agency for ICT in education spoke about The 7 tacit lessons which schools teach children:

1. Knowledge is scarce
2. Learning needs a specific place and specific time (lessons in classrooms)
3. Knowledge is best learnt in disconnected little pieces (lessons)
4. To learn you need the help of an approved expert i.e. a teacher
5. To learn you need to follow a path determined by a learning expert (a course of study)
6. You need an expert to assess your progress (a teacher)
7. You can attribute a meaningful numerical value to the value of learning (marks, grades, degrees)


So I started thinking about what lessons do we want to teach kids? I mean, what are the big life lessons that we want kids to leave us with? Much of the information that we have will change (or least not be absolutely crucial to know as facts). I would think that we wouldn’t want to teach the 7 things above. Then again, is this the right list? Comments are open for your thoughts.