Brain Buffet

Join us as we get specific about the NMSA 2007 Conference. It’s amazing how much excellent material we picked up there. In this episode, we discuss a couple of the presentations that we attended. Rick DuFour’s presentation was fantastic. I really do hope that NMSA will be able to broadcast it at some point.

I then discuss Walt Grebring’s Presentation “Effective Leadership Equals Successful Schools”

His presentation is based off of Todd Whittaker’s work – What Great Principals Do Differently.

I started with a poem that Mr. Grebring distributed on Leadership.

Principals Role in a Role in Positive School Climate by Walt Grebring:

  1. Have a vision for a school
  2. Role model for teaching a class and walk throughs
  3. Be a great listener – do NOT try to solve everyone’s problem
  4. Be a facilitator and empower your staff
  5. Enjoy watching others grow
  6. Remove the fear of failure
  7. “Better to ask forgiveness than ask permission”
  8. Willing to consistent examine the climate and take steps to improve.

Seven Cardinal Skills:

  1. Demonstrate compassionate understanding of the characteristics and needs of developing adolescents.
  2. Ability to develop and communicate a vital school philosophy based upon the needs of the students.
  3. Use shared decision making, involving stakeholders to direct the school toward the vision
  4. Develop interdisciplinary team organization
  5. Continuous school improvement
  6. Leader is an instructional leader.
  7. Hire/Assemble an effective staff

This was just a quick overview. However, it is a great thought provoker.

Shawn also discusses one of the sessions that he went to on RTI (Response to Intervention).

Response to Intervention Through Middle School Electives

1.  Learning Navigation Map

2.  Guided Notes

3.  Podcasting student lessons (ProfCast).

4.  Diagramming spelling words etymologically.

5.  Work Log