MSM 14 Totally Tech

The Real World uses Technology…Do You?
The issue of digital natives vs digital immigrants.
Dedra Stafford (

Digital Natives:
Those who are growing up knowing and using technology. They haven’t known anything else.

Digital  Immigrants:
Those who are learning the technology but have learned a different process.

Do kids really learn differently? How do we adults view technology vs kids?

What are we preparing kids for? What jobs will exist? What skills will be needed?

If You’re Going to TEACH them, you have to REACH them!
Web 2.0

Some places to help teachers:
Youtube comparable:
Teacher Tube – Kind of like Youtube but focused on education. Has a variety of teacher generated videos. Has a lot of videos done by educators. These can be imbedded on a blog or a web site.

Youth Created Media – Video created by youths. Good for examples of what kids can do.
Video Lessons from around the web. Not directly educational. Rather this site promotes learning.
United Streaming: This is a for pay site. Includes a lot of videos that are short and tied to standards. Many school districts have an account with them.

Web offerings:

  • Teacher Resources:  – Teacher Resources and Professional Development (This is a great site with lots of useful videos. Also check out their free newsletter.)
    • Interactives:
    • Art:
  • 4 teachers:  – Wide variety of sites for teachers:
    • QuizStar (pay) – allows you to make quizes
    • RubiStar (free) – allows you to make and save rubrics. Has some guides to start you out.
  • Quizlets: – Vocubulary learning help.
  • Kerpoof: This site looks like it has a lot of potential. Kids can network and create stuff here.
  • Virtual Field Trips: Just what it says. Some science field trips as well.
  • Discovery Educators Network of teachers ()
  • Math  Videos  Online:  A bunch of videos that can help explain of re-enforce math concepts.
  • Geography  that’s Juicy.
  • Grammar
  • Science

We didn’t get a chance to talk about all of them. However, there are some sites here. I would really recommend starting with the Teacher Resources link above.