MSM 563:  Opening the Glory Box & AMLE 22


Shawn and Troy share some jokes, talk about AMLE, and more. Dave heads to space with Astonomer. 


I believe in karma.

  • That’s why I feed birds pieces of bread and slices of salami to stray cats. Whatever you give out will come back to you: And I’m hoping that will be an Italian sandwich.

Did you ever wonder why the public address system is so loud at the supermarket?

  • Because they make their money on volume

Where does a pirate get a new hook?

  • At the second hand store

John beat his addiction to chocolate, marshmallows and nuts.

  • But it was quite the rocky road.

– but what did we call Captain Hook before his hand got bitten off

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

K12Science Podcast:  Astronomer

I was recently reading the September/October 2022 issue of “The Science Teacher” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association. 

In this issue, I read the Career of the Month column, written by Luba Vangelova.  She wrote a column entitled, “Astronomer.”  

Her article focused in on Chris Carilli, an astronomer at the National Science Foundation’s Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array, where he uses radio-spectrum light captured by a series of antennas to study the early universe.

Reports from the Front Lines

  • AMLE Conference Reflections
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    • Sessions  

Houston Kraft:  AMLE 22 Keynote – First Day  

  • Staying on Twitter or Moving to the Fediverse?

Eileen Award  

  • Amber Chandler of Frontier Middle School in Hamburg, NY

The Twitterverse

Susie Dent  @susie_dent

Word of the day is ‘merry-go-sorry’ (16th century): life’s carousel of joy and sorrow.

Word of the day is ‘overmused’ (17th century): wearied by too much thinking.  

Word of the day is the Italian ‘sprezzatura’: a studied nonchalance, implying that something you’ve spent ages on is really nothing all, or responding to a compliment on a carefully-chosen jumper with ‘oh, this old thing?’.  

Erika Garcia @flyingmonkey13

Teachers, What is one thing your principal has done or you wish they would do to make your life easier? I’m looking to be better.

Bryan Shaw  @Coachshawb

Replying to  @flyingmonkey13

Seek out input from staff that don’t usually speak out in front of the group.

StLCardsFan  @KurtBauche

Replying to  @flyingmonkey13

Be visible in the building. Offer to visit a class unexpectedly without the fear of a secret evaluation.  

StLCardsFan @KurtBauche

Replying to @flyingmonkey13

Sit down and eat lunch with the students….and teachers.

Katie HuffMan  @kthuffmanrunsh

Replying to  @flyingmonkey13

I was out this week, sick. She personally reached out to check on me after I submitted my request for two more days. She has SO much on her plate and yet she took the time to reach out and check on me. Meant the world to me.

Don Dowdell @PonderPirate

Replying to  @flyingmonkey13

We have the option to meet with the principal in lieu of submitting planbooks. Conversations include: – How’s the class? – What’s working/not working? – What are you noticing/trying? – What do you need? – How can I help? – How are you? The family? It’s refreshing.

John Meehan (he/him)  @MeehanEDU

We made a thing. Fully editable Google Slides template and 100% free.

Happy Halloween! #EMC2Learning

Oliver Tacke @otacke

New #H5P content type 1/4: Transcript

New #H5P content type 2/4: Portfolio  

New #H5P content type 3/4: Tabs  

New #H5P content type 4/4: Timekeeper  

Secondary Principals  @massp

New Legislative Posting Requirement- Jan.1, 2023: Gov Whitmer has signed HB 5703 requiring schools to post sections of the Michigan Constitution in areas within the district, including the Principal’s office. We’ve created printable resources for you!

John R. Sowash  @jrsowash

As you head back to school, don’t forget about the new Screencast app for Chromebooks. This is a great new tool for creating video lessons and it works great in #GoogleClassroom! Learn more:

#teachwithchrome #GoogleEdU #backtoschool22  

Typical EduCelebrity  @EduCelebrity

Students might not read their email, check the online gradebook, follow the instructions on the worksheet or test, or look at the syllabus or classroom rules. But if you put the expectations on the board, they will certainly pay attention to that!


Check out these conversation starters that can help you connect with your teens in the classroom. 

Oliver Tacke  @otacke

Not sure what will happen, what channel will survive or be shut down, but I dipped my toes into the fediverse and joined a #mastodon instance. | thx


Tansu YEĞEN   @TansuYegen

Thanks to Harvard University, you can now virtually enter the Great Pyramid of Giza in 3D and 360º

Armistice Day Poem on Twitter

#mschat every Thursday at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.  And as Troy says, “The Twitter Fediverse never stops!” 


AXIS:  The Culture Translator

Good and Scared

What it is: With Halloween on Monday, all things jump-scare and creepy will be trending at their height this weekend. The Guardian explains the neuroscience of why getting spooked can sometimes feel pretty good.

Why it’s helpful to understand: Researchers theorize that tricking our brains into feeling scared, even when there is no perceivable threat, can be a more mature version of children making up stories in the playground. It can serve a similar purpose, too; in moments when we marry our imagination with our fight-or-flight instincts, we play out ways to protect ourselves in a worst-case scenario. We can also experience a cascading euphoria when the adrenaline from being scared wears off and our brains feel they “survived.” We have the true crime media industrial complex and the continued popularity of horror movies as evidence that attest to how deeply our culture longs to feel this tension and release. But what’s entertaining for one person might be truly terrifying for another, and there are certain topics that shouldn’t be exploited for any reason. 

MoodleNet:  Language Arts Listening Comprehension

Here’s a Moodle Question Bank of Listening Comprehension questions

He saw a classmate get bullied for shoes, so he stepped in with a meaningful gesture

How A Hollywood Makeup Artist Turns Actors Into Zombies | Movies Insider


An extensive library of free stock photos, images, and audio, available for free use.

Web Spotlight:  

U.S. lab chimps were dumped on Liberia’s Monkey Island and left to starve. He saved them.

Chimps aren’t supposed to be stuck on their own island — especially one with no food — or mingle with much-weaker humans. But nothing about Liberia’s Monkey Island is normal. It’s a spectacle, an increasingly costly burden and the enduring legacy of American scientists who set out to cure hepatitis B in 1974.

Random Thoughts . . .  

Fediverse vs Twitter

Who owns your material? We went from Social Networking to Social Media. 

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