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An urgent call was put in for a plumber at noon but he didn’t arrive until 5 hours later. “How is it?” he asked entering the house. “Not so bad,” replied the home owner. “While we were waiting for you to arrive, I taught my wife how to swim.”

“Doctor!” complained the patient, “I keep seeing spots before my eyes.” The doctor scratched his head. “Why have you come to me? Have you seen an ophthalmologist?” “No,” replied the patient, “just spots.”

On Our Mind:

Robert Nay:  Bubble Ball is the most popular free download for the Apple App Store. If he would have charged for it, he would have made 2 million dollars from it.  He’s 14.

From our Listeners:
Happy new year my friends

I’m not sure which of you are still active substitutes but i do hope all of you will do me the kindness of forwarding this to as many people and organizations who substitute or work with substitute teachers as you can.

A Seattle venue is relatively close for California and “right next door” for Oregon. The Northwest is a nice location for a conference/vacation combination for anyone!

Link to Flyer:

Middle School Science Minute

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or
Girls and Science

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*PrometheanUSA RT WhiteheadsClass Martin Luther King, Jr. vocabulary and spelling games and resources: #promethean #iwb #edtech
*russeltarr Simple Graphic Organizer Makes Fractions a Little Less Painful:
*bhsprincipal RT @nothingfuture: A grade is the smallest amount of information we can possibly record about a student’s experience.
*stevehargadon We listen to business leaders more than educators “reform” dialog. Why? via @tonnet
*DanielBeylerian Any teachers found ways 2 supplement their income by teaching online? Ontario Certified Teacher. PD oriented instruction is goal #edchat
*rkiker Teens In Tech Launches Startup Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs
*clifmims Skype’s New Resource Specifically for Teachers #education #edtech
*NancyTeaches RT @justwonderinY: I learn the most when PD is layered. (focused, embedded in daily practice, across year, & about kids) #elemchat
*stribs Story of man who’s spent over a decade trying to convince doctors that he’s not mentally ill > This American Life
*sharon_elin Virginia Poised to Ban Teacher-Student Texting, Facebooking via @RWW Comment on google doc:
*kconners09 Have students draw to write- getting over writers block. Good 4 SS. Edutopia #english #sschat
*rushtheiceberg The GMAIL+ method I spoke about in my preso at #edcampoc The Edublogger #edchat
*lkolb Join us in May for first annual U of M Virtual Ed Tech Conference (Free! Wear your PJ’s and Network)….more info @umvirtualcon

NSMA 2010 Session 6:

Session 4:

He Says, She Says
The Home School Connection
Debbie Silver & Monte Shelby

Family Tree

The new research:
create a home environment that encourages learning.
communicate high, yet reasonable expectations.

Reading with parents. Muffins with moms/ donuts with dad. The kids read to the parents.
Saturday picnics. No “traditional” school focus, just a picnic held at school. provide the food and prizes. Just play games and make connections.
Staff development while the parents have all of the kids. Do they picked a routine thing that all of the kids could do. The parents then monitor the kids. The parents were trained. First thing on Monday morning – kids behave better at that time.
The parents ran the program. Agenda was shared with the parents. Parents called other parents with personal invitations. Social things where the only expectation was that parents show up.  Example of pool night at community center. Parents mentoring parents. 8th grader parents mentor 6th grade. Someone to call.

Develop list of things that parents can do:
Theatre Aid
Hall Moms and Pops
Teacher’s Aid
Have parents take pictures- make sure they get each kid over the weeks. Email the picture immediately to the parents.
Add question on a “take home” assignment that needs a parental response. Name a family member who emigrated. Name the favorite food of a parent.
Parent input page. The student has to teach the parent something. The parent has to respond with what they were taught.

Professional Development Kit: The what, the why, the how of student led conferences. by Jack Berckemeyer and Patti Kinney.

Make sure that you make good calls. Can be especially useful if you make a good call before you ever make a bad one.
Check NAESP for good suggestions for parents.



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Tech Spotlight:

British Library introduces first app for iOS, Android

The British Library has launched its first-ever mobile app, Treasures. The title is available in three separate editions, for iPad, iPhone/iPod and Android. It so far provides access to a little over 100 items from the Library’s collection, such as a 1215 copy of the Magna Carta, music manuscripts belonging to Handel, Purcell and Mozart, and Buddhist, Christian and Zoroastrian religious documents.
The iPad app, Treasures HD, is priced at £2.39, and benefits from a higher-resolution native interface. The iPhone/iPod title is £1.19. While the former requires only iOS 3.2, the latter demands at least iOS 4; both are restricted to the UK App Store.

Google Goggles gets faster, smarter and solves Sudoku
Check this out.

GEL Conference

Short for “Good Experience Live”, Gel is a conference and community exploring good experience in all its forms – in art, business, technology, society, and life.
Gel was founded by Mark Hurst in 2003 and has run a spring event in New York City each year since.Gel 2011 will be the 9th annual event. (Hurst has also run two spinoff events, Gel Health in 2009 and euroGel in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2006. See Past Gels.)
Instead of focusing on just one thing – design, technology, user experience, business, etc. – like many conferences, Gel touches on many things. This challenges attendees to find, and learn from, the patterns that underlie good experience, even in disciplines vastly different from their own.
The best way to understand the Gel experience is to attend. (Next event is Gel 2011.) You might also like to watch videos from Gel 2010 to get a sense of the caliber and range of speakers – though attendees have said that the videos don’t fully describe the Gel experience.


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