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Shawn and Troy discuss what they did over break (including a comic), more on AI, social media, and more. Dave discusses the 5E Learning Cycle. 


While my wife was in labor, I read her some clean jokes to distract her from the pain, but she didn’t seem amused…

  • It must have been the delivery…

What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet?

  • “Supplies!”

My next door neighbour banged on my door at 3 in the morning last night. He’s so rude. 

  • Luckily I was still up, practicing the drums

How do you make an egg-roll?

  • You push it!

A friend of mine didn’t pay for his exorcism.

  • He got repossessed

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

K12Science Podcast:  5E Learning Cycle

I was recently reading the November/December 2022 issue of “The Science Teacher” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association.

In this issue, I read the “Editor’s Corner” column, written by Ann Haley MacKenzie. She wrote a column entitled, “Direct Instruction: A Healthy Place for Both Science Teachers and Students?”

Direct instruction doesn’t always work. What we know about human learning is that students need exposure to a concept at least five or six times before they can begin to move it into long term memory. Hence the 5E Learning Cycle: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate.

Reports from the Front Lines

The Social Web

Susie Dent  @susie_dent

Word of the day, at this point every year, has to be ‘scurryfunging’ (19th century US dialect): the frantic tidying up/attempt to achieve a semblance of order that takes place just before guests arrive.  

Resistentialism is the belief that inanimate objects are out to get you: tables and shop displays bumping into you; toast landing butter-side down; sellotape hiding its end/sticking to anything other than what’s needed.

As part of a Christmas words countdown, here’s a reminder of the ‘lickspigot’(16th century): the friend or acquaintance who never fails to turn up when free drink is available. The food equivalent, from the same century, is the smellfeast.

Terrible Maps  @TerribleMaps

Chances of a white Christmas in Australia

PUNS  @ThePunnyWorld

Why couldn’t the jalapeño do archery? He didn’t habanero.

Lake Superior  @LakeSuperior

Somewhere between Cypress Hill and Snoop Dogg.

Quote Tweet   cat  @thecat854

Replying to @LakeSuperior

How high did you get your waves today, @LakeSuperior?  

Kathy O’Neil  @DestroyAllBeets

Lake Michigan is trending. People don’t know our lakes are huge? They create their own weather and are basically inland oceans. Your lakes aren’t like ours.

Glenn Stevens  @glennrstevens

Not a good beach day in @PetoskeyArea. #Michigan

Jason Neiffer Ed.D.  @techsavvyteach

AI-Created Comic Could Be Deemed Ineligible for Copyright Protection

ChatGPT 2049  @ChatGPT2049

Automated.  @DataChaz: Everyone is talking about #ChatGPT and #GPT3, but did you know there was a free, #opensource version of GPT-3 called OPT-175B? No login, no credit card needed! 😉

ChatGPT 2049  @ChatGPT2049

@jsmasterypro: Build and Deploy Your Own ChatGPT AI App in JavaScript | OpenAI, Machine Learning  @OpenAI  

Stephen Reid – Digital Druid  @StephenReidEdu

“The first thing students will use ChatGPT for is to cheat”. Nope, they used it to create a game! 11 year old boy creates #HarryPotter-themed game using AI. I’ve played it, you can too. It’s amazing!

#PlayMatters #AI #ArtificialIntelligence

R.C. Sproul Jr.@rcsprouljr

I’m not saying it’s windy but it appears the wind has blown Fort Wayne down to the South Pole.  


Nele Hirsch

For people who work with #H5P (or want to use it to design their learning opportunities in the future), I’ve blogged two quick ideas.

1. clickable definitions

2. multimedia self-introduction

There’s also a tutorial on exactly how to go about creating a subtitle file for a video or audio (if I don’t want to write the subtitles down manually).

I designed the content as part of a course creation for #adulteducation, but it can certainly be applied to other areas of #education.

Troy Patterson

Students Prioritize Using Moodle

A Comic with instructions on how to create an activity for students to prioritize.



Gramma’s Funnies Group:  


AXIS:  The Culture Translator

Top Influencers of 2022  #1-20

  • 20 Lin Manuel Miranda
  • 19 Harry Styles
  • 18 Joe Rogan
  • 17 Jeffrey Dahmer 
  • 16 Mr. Beast 
  • 15 Drake 
  • 14 Aaron Judge 
  • 13 Tom Cruise
  • 12 BeReal
  • 11 Queen Elizabeth II  
  • 10  Kate Bush 
  • 9   Tom Brady
  • 8   Vladimir Putin
  • 7   Fleetwood Mac
  • 6   Taylor Swift
  • 5   Ye
  • 4   Elon Musk
  • 3   Pro-life marchers
  • 2   School shooting victims
  • 1   AI

Public Domain Day

On January 1, 2023, copyrighted works from 1927 will enter the US public domain. 1  They will be free for all to copy, share, and build upon. These include Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse and the final Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, the German science-fiction film Metropolis and Alfred Hitchcock’s first thriller, compositions by Louis Armstrong and Fats Waller, and a novelty song about ice cream. Please note that this site is only about US law; the copyright terms in other countries are different.

Forever connected: the realities of parenting and growing up online

Pepper & Carrot

Free images for educational use.

Teachers Would Make at Least $60K Under New Federal Bill

ClipArt ETC

ClipArt ETC provides students and teachers with over 71,500 pieces of quality educational clipart. Every illustration comes with a choice of image size as well as complete source information for proper citations in school projects. All images are appropriate for classroom use. You’ll find no advertisements, pop-ups, or inappropriate links here. A friendly license allows teachers and students to use up to 50 free clipart items in a single, non-commercial, school project without further permission. This free classroom resource is supported entirely by the fees received from the commercial users of the site.

Web Spotlight:  

Women Who Meant Business

Don’t Believe Everything You See

How School Social Media Accounts Put Student Privacy at Risk

New student privacy research shows that school social media accounts have posted millions of photos of students and other identifiable information, which might be dangerous.

The study’s authors estimate that more than 4.9 million posts have included identifiable images of students on public Facebook pages, and about 726,000 of those posts are thought to identify one or more students by their first and last names.

Random Thoughts . . .  

Chad Frye – Illustration Guy on the Fundamentals of Math

“Cartoon illustrations? For a middle school math textbook? Unheard of. I remember seeing cartoon drawings in school books when I was in the third grade, but by the time I had arrived to the level of having a different teacher for each subject, school had gotten quite serious. In fact, anything math or science was like learning a foreign language to me. I hated those classes, as they consumed much of my brain’s capacity in a poor attempt to understand anything. It’s no wonder I chose a career path that thrived on poking fun at the world instead of trying to conquer it. To get to poke fun at math seemed like an intriguing prospect, and something that I more than likely would have responded very well to as a seventh grader myself.”  

Grab some Chad Frye Originals:  

January is National Thank You Month – Carol Josel

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank You!! ~ Dec 30, 2022

When I was a kid…

** If someone opened or held a door for you, you thanked them.

** If someone handed you so much as a glass of water, you thanked them.

** If someone gifted you—even with something you hated—you thanked them, not with a phone call, email or text, but with a handwritten note.

Thoughtfulness was in the air and gratitude, too, for things both big and small. My parents made sure that I followed suit, corralling my big sister and me in the living room every Friday night. Yes, every Friday night for what they called The Penny Game. The rules were simple: Answer a question correctly and get yourself a penny, as in…

~ “What do you say when you need a favor?”

~ “What do you say when you’re given something?”

~ “What do you say when someone is kind to you?”

And on and on it went, along with spelling questions, easy ones like circus and hello, and not so easy gems like Mississippi and their oft-repeated pneumonia.

And it all stuck. Not only am I good speller, saying “thank you” is a thing with me. I even thank my dog Jenny every which way, and she’s deaf!

Laughable, I suppose, in these not so civil, “I deserve” days. Fact is, 95% of Americans believe we have a civility problem. As educator and CEO Ray Williams also discovered:

*** 81% of us believe uncivil behavior is leading to an increase in violence.

*** 70% think the Internet encourages uncivil behavior.

*** 71% believe civility is worse compared to a few years ago.

What constitutes civility? Respect and politeness/good manners come to mind, starting with a simple, “Thank you.”

It matters and not just to me…

Back on July 4, 2021, January became National Thank You Month, thirty whole days devoted to being grateful. Powerful words that imply approval, one of life’s biggest motivators, the force often behind hard work, achievement, and giving back. Power words that open doors and give rise to civility and smiles all around.

So, as you dismantle the Christmas tree or put away the menorah, go old school with me and give thanks often to loved ones and helpful strangers, alike. As Gabriel Andreas reminds us, “The more we look for things to be grateful for, the more there will be.”

~ With thanks for your ongoing support and wishes for happiness and good health in 2023, Carol

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