MSM 569: The Principal Might Not Know, But The Kid Down the Hall Does!


Shawn and Troy talk quite a bit about AI. Dave has some solid and gaseous reporting for us. 


If your sparkling water loses its bubbles…

  • Don’t worry, it’s still water

A genie granted me one wish, so I said, “I just want to be happy.”

  • Now I’m living in a cottage with 6 dwarves and working in a mine.

Today I quit my job at the Donut factory..

  • I was really fed up with the hole business.

I ordered 2 large fries for lunch today but they gave me…

  • 75 tiny ones instead.

Did you know that 100 little sheep rolling down a hill is called…

  • A lambslide!

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or


I was recently reading the November/December 2022 issue of “The Science Teacher” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association.  In this issue, I read the “Career of the Month” column, written by Luba Vangelova.  She wrote a column entitled, “Geologist.”  

Geologists study the Earth and the forces that shape its solid, liquid, and gaseous components.  The article featured Michael Loso, the park geologist at Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in Copper Center, Alaska.

Reports from the Front Lines

The Social Web:

Pratham  @Prathkum

Your free AI writing assistant: 1. Chat with super human 2. Write blogs, content with AI 3. AI spelling, grammar checker 4. Content creation superpower

Ditch That Textbook  @DitchThatTxtbk

End the school year with Epic Review Olympics (free templates!)


Heather Cooper  @HBCoop_

4 new AI tools for visual content:

1/ Fliki Tweet-to-video app turns your Tweets into videos for YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram. Features: • Voiceovers • AI image generator • 850+ voices, 75+ languages Free up to 10 minutes of audio & video per month.  

2/ Traw Replayable whiteboard for collaboration. Features: • Share meetings with team • Voice notes Plans: • Free up to 40 mins/meeting and 10 total hours for 10 users • Pro plan with unlimited meeting lengths and users  

3/ Kaiber AI video generator creates videos from text prompts. Plans: • Free up to 50 credits (about 5 videos), watermark • Pro: $120 yearly or $15/month, 1000 credits, no watermark


PUNS  @ThePunnyWorld

Who was the builder of King Arthurs round table? Sir Cumference

Tim Allen  @ofctimallen

“It’s easy to be wise after the event.” – Arthur Conan Doyle

NikPeachey  @NikPeachey

Detect GPT This is a free Chrome extension that detects content created using ChatGPT and other AI. Great for spotting the students who are “cheating”. #esl #efl #elt #tesol #eal #tefl #edtech #edtools  

Jim Weberm  @JimMWeber

The Detroit Lions player intros is like a Key & Peele sketch:  


Highly successful people use this 1 skill to get more from reading, says Northwestern expert

Thoughts about the impact of AI text on assessment


Consent Games

Consent has been in the news a lot recently. Unfortunately, one of the reasons consent has been in the news is because some people do not understand – or respect – this fundamental legal concept.

Consent is an important legal concept affects all of us all the time. Although here we are focusing on the meaning of consent as it relates to relationships between people, consent also impacts us in other ways.

So, although for purposes of this site we are focusing on consent between people as it affects dating or sexual relationships, consent still has the same legal meaning in other contexts.

AXIS:  The Culture Translator

Call It Luck

What it is: Lucky Girl Syndrome, also called “LGS,” has been trending on TikTok to kick off 2023. The trend encourages people to believe and say out loud that everything works out for them—claiming that the act of doing so will cause good things to happen.

Hopey New Year

What it is: Gen Z’s top ten New Year’s resolutions looked very similar to, well, most other people’s, according to survey results published by YPulse.

Why do I Model Scale Trees? | River Road ~ Vlog # 152

Modeling a tree makes me a better modeler. A well modeled tree, coupled to support scenery, makes a layout or diorama pop more than any other scenery element in my experience. Sure, they are a challenge, but I never found the path of least resistance advances my skill set much. I would venture to say, most modelers fail to dedicate the necessary time into developing their scenery skill set, yet it seems to pay the greatest rewards. 

In addition, It only takes one well modeled tree to make a dozen generic ones look great! 

Getting Ready for Work

This resource was developed for all post-secondary students preparing for or wanting to learn more about work readiness for work-integrated learning (WIL) and entering the workforce. It covers topics including Indigenous Peoples, communities, and cultural safety; self-management; career goals; workplace essential skills; interpersonal and communication skills; workplace safety; and more. In addition, each chapter includes interactive H5P student activities for you to reinforce and self-assess your learning.

Word Spinner

Word Spinner offers a free and easy-to use Paraphrase Tool with just the click of button. With many options available to customize your reworded text, and phrases.

Web Spotlight:  


Free Browser Extension – Chrome

Explore free to use images from the Library of Congress anytime you open a new tab!

Road Signs

Over the years, the MUTCD has been updated to reflect improvements to road safety and rapidly changing technology, since the first edition was published in 1935.


Seattle schools sue TikTok, Meta and other platforms over youth ‘mental health crisis’

They’ve hooked students into ‘excessive use and abuse,’ the complaint states.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

How the Myth of the American Frontier Got Its Start

Random Thoughts . . .  

Chat GPT as a Motivational Speaker . . . 

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