MSM 576: Teaching Chrome: Ipsedixitism


Shawn and Troy talk about Moodle, Presentations, and more. Dave reviews the Pandemic Impact on Students. 


A man once tried to sell me a broken protractor.

  • I never could figure out what his angle was.

The key to a great joke is not delivery…

  • it’s Digiorno.

Did you hear about the dog that went to the flea circus?

  • It stole the show.

Fun fact: ancient teachers, when discussing a very important idea, would repeatedly dip the sharpened end of their stylus in honey.

  • They felt it was necessary to belabor the point.

Why did the duck decide not to have plastic surgery?

  • He thought the bill would be too large.

What did the linebacker say to the flight attendant?

  • “Put me in coach!”

Anytime someone says “I can’t even”

  • it seems a little odd.

Once I did think I was wrong.

  • It turns out I was mistaken.

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

K12Science Podcast: Pandemic Impact on Students

I was recently reading the January/February 2023 issue of “The Science Teacher” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association.  

In this issue, I read the “Editor’s Corner” column, written by Ann Haley MacKenzie.  She wrote an article entitled, “Did the Pandemic Impact the Brains of Our Science Students?”  

A recent study in the Journal, “Biological Psychiatry: Global Open Science,” found that teen brains aged prematurely during the pandemic.  The paper states that teenagers’ brains aged several years in just a few months during the isolation and stress of the pandemic lockdown.  For more information on this study, please visit:

Reports from the Front Lines

  • Crossword Puzzle for Video (and why you should use Restricted Access)
  • Vocabulary, Chrome, and Kids 

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Replying to @technologylaura I’ve built 100s of presentations on 3 platforms over the last 20 years. Scores: Keynote – 9/10 Power Point – 4/10 Slides – 3/10 Once you build decks in Keynote, going to other platforms is like going from First Class to Economy. You still get from point A to B but style is gone

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REVIEW: Add SEL to Your Class with Movie Magic. #mschat @AMLE #engchat #elachat  @MsAmberChandler’s feel-good Movie Magic in the Classroom prepares any teacher to guide students through 10 films that address a range of SEL topics, writes @sarahjcooper01.  

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Word of the day is ‘vertumnal‘ (17th century): spring-like or giving a foretaste of spring, as in the early buds in the garden or the swelling of birdsong. A nod to Vertumnus, god of the changing seasons.

Word of the day is ‘apanthropy’ (18th century: the desire to be away from other people.   

Kara Priest Bullock

Fat Boy Natural BBQ


Handmade Holograms

Teen girls are struggling. They need our help

Nancy Jo Sales

Girls and young women report rising rates of suicide, depression and sexual violence in North America – and a lot of it has to do with social media.

Under The Sana’a Skyline

Belquis lives in Old Sana’a, an ancient city in Yemen. An exciting writing competition is announced for her class but there’s just one problem: the story is to inspire the world. Belquis is surrounded by the hardships of war and and struggle. What has she seen that is inspirational?

Under the Sana’a Skyline is a story for children and adults alike that beautifully weaves community and history with one girl’s search for humanity.

How will AI change the world?

Web Spotlight:  

Boeing Engineers Set a New Record for Paper Plane Flight Distance

Dillon Ruble and Garrett Jensen, two engineers working at Boeing, broke a record in December that had only a little to do with their day jobs: They set a new world record for farthest flight by a paper aircraft, sending a sheet of paper 88.318 meters, or almost 290 feet.

Ruble and Jensen studied origami and aerodynamics for months, putting in 400 to 500 hours of creating different prototypes to try to design a plane that could fly higher and longer.

Teachers Pay Teachers Bought Out by IXL Learning

AXIS The Culture Translator

TikTok Time Out

What it is: TikTok announced it will institute a limit of 60 minutes per day for users under 18.


What it is: The Washington Post reports that Instagram Reels featuring disturbing and violent content are being reposted to large meme accounts that have hundreds of thousands of teen followers.

“In C.S. Lewis’ book The Magician’s Nephew, the children Polly and Diggory are met with a choice to ring a bell and “bide the danger,” or ignore it and forever wonder what might have happened if they did. Diggory rings the bell, justifying his actions with the words: “We can’t get out of it now. We shall always be wondering what else would have happened if we had struck the bell. I’m not going home to be driven mad by always thinking of that.” The result of his actions is the arrival of the White Witch in Narnia, and a regret that Diggory carries with him for the rest of his life.”

National Geographic’s “Greeking Out!” Podcast Series for Kids

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