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Shawn and Troy talk about the end of the year. Dave presents Scientific Literacy, Part 1. 


I like yearbooks but 365 days to read something is a long time.

The stationary shop moved.

  • It really surprised me.

The local pharmacist has started wearing a tux, spats and top hat to work — so he could dispense with the formalities.

Possessio is nine-tenths of the word.

Ordering a large hatchet from Poland is one way to get a foreign axe sent.

(Heard at a Spelling Bee)

“Your word is buffering.”

“OK. Tell me when you’re ready.”

Wife: “That’s the fifth time you’ve gone for a dessert. Aren’t you chagrined?”

Hubs: “Not at all. I just tell ‘em it’s for you.

Time travel isn’t what it will have been.

What can you see twice in a week or once in every year – but not once in gazillion months?

  • The letter “e”.

Cross country skiing is so much easier in tiny countries.

“You drank a gallon of invisible ink? Skip the ER. Ask for the ICU.”

John thought “Caesarean” started with an “S” — but after consulting Merriam-Webster, he found it to be in the C-section.

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

K12Science Podcast:  Scientific Literacy

I was recently reading the May/June 2023 issue of “The Science Teacher” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association.  

In this issue, I read the “Editor’s Corner” column, written by Ann Haley MacKenzie.  She wrote an article entitled, “Promoting Scientific Literacy in the Science Classroom.”

This is the first of a two-part podcast series on Scientific Literacy.  In this podcast we will look at the meaning of Scientific Literacy – “understanding how science is done.”  The next podcast will look at strategies for incorporating Scientific Literacy.

Reports from the Front Lines

  • Summertime?
    • Packing up the Room
      • Generational “Revenge?”  
    • Meetings
  • Moodle
    • Logs
    • Activity Completion Checklist
    • Student Quiz Creation Plugin
    • Documentation Tool
    • H5P AR/VR tour
    • Treasure Hunt
  • Junteenth
  • Genius Week
    • Projects turned out well (presentation to the entire team)
    • Documentation Tool
      • How to work together
      • Time management
    • Twisted Wave
  • End of the Year Ceremonies
    • Letter to myself
    • “Graduation”

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The Best Fun Videos For English Language Learners In 2023 – Part One

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Word of the day is ‘brabblement’ (16th century): noisy infighting or toys-out-of-pram-throwing.

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Do2learn is primarily targeted at students with special needs but can be useful to anyone who wants to work on social skills and behavioral regulation.

Just Breathe

3 Breathing exercises for students.


Who Can Use

Color Combinations. Great for ADA compliance, seeing color combinations

AXIS The Culture Translator

Bed Rotting: A phrase used to refer to spending an extended amount of time in bed, which could be any length of time ranging from a few hours to an entire weekend. The time might be spent binge-watching shows, eating, or just laying there. The trend is being considered a form of self-care, with over 305 million video views on TikTok about this habit, but some mental health experts are concerned that excessive amounts of time spent in bed could be either a symptom or a cause of depression.  

Baby Gronk + Livvy

What it is: Sports fans on the internet let out a collective “what?” this week over a TikTok post that brought LSU gymnast Olivia “Livvy” Dunne and an elementary school football hopeful nicknamed “Baby Gronk” together.

What Came First

Web Spotlight: 

Fastest Rubik’s Cube Solver

A Day on Earth Used to Only Be 19 Hours

Google Drawing Tip

When you fill a shape with a semi-transparent custom color, the shape becomes partly see-through. 

What Is Juneteenth?

When Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger issued the above order, he had no idea that, in establishing the Union Army’s authority over the people of Texas, he was also establishing the basis for a holiday, “Juneteenth” (“June” plus “nineteenth”), today the most popular annual celebration of emancipation from slavery in the United States.

Open Education is a Problem for OER in K-12

Those in Higher Ed and many in K-12 who are involved in Open Education, Open Learning, Open Practice, Open Teaching, or Open Praxis will likely see my assertion as heresy, a sacrilege, or ignorance, or that I have some hidden agenda. My agenda isn’t hidden; my agenda is the promotion of the use of OER, especially in elementary and secondary schools (K-12.)

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