MSM 606: What are you thinking about, The Roman Empire or AI?


Shawn and Troy talk about AI in the classroom and education. Dave spotlights Joanna Haigh.


I made a Belgium waffle this morning,

  • This afternoon I’m going to make a Frenchman talk nonsense.

The guy at the computer store may have mentioned that I needed more RAM on my laptop.

  • But I have no memory of it.

Why was Santa’s helper on the wall?

  • He was a “SH…” elf

When did the cranberry sauce cross the road?

  • To get to the other sides.

I met someone from a foreign country the other day. We got to talking. They stated that their country had banned scales. I said….”No way”. 

My wife is tired of cheese jokes. 

  • She says that they really grate on her.

According to my chocolate Advent calendar….there are three days until Christmas

My friend met someone new, as soon as she told him she worked in the monkey exhibit, I knew…

  • She’s a ‘keeper.

I told one of my jokes on a Zoom meeting today.

Turns out I’m not even remotely funny.

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Joanna Haigh

I was recently reading the Fall, 2023 issue of “The Science Teacher” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association.  

In this issue, I read the article “The Use of Storytelling to Model NGSS Science and Engineering Practices” written by Adrienne Larocque and Anna Babarinde. 

An important strand of three-dimensional learning in the Next Generation Science Standards is science and engineering practices.  These practices replace the oversimplified “scientific method” often presented in science textbooks that bears little resemblance to actual scientific research. It requires time and effort to research and prepare accounts about people who model the Scientific and Engineering Practices.  Joanna Haigh is one of those people.

Reports from the Front Lines

  • AI in the Title
  • AI in the Classroom
  • Tech Fair
  • Google Tools
  • AI for US
    • How do you use it?
    • Environmental Concerns?
    • Cost concerns?
    • Ethical concerns?

The Social Web

Shannon McClintock Fitzgerald  @shannonmmiller

It’s Here, Friends…Our December Choice Boards!  You will find everything you need here to use this with your students and teachers, including Holidays, 12 Days of Making, Hour of Code and more. Find the published link and link to copy here…

rebelEducator  @rebelEducator

This is an 8th grade graduation exam from 1912. 8th graders then were better prepared for life in the real world than 12th graders are today.

Joy Kirr (she/her)  @JoyKirr

Quote from a seventh grader today: I don’t know why I can’t do whatever I want to do. Why do I have to do what YOU want me to do? #mschat #middleschool #teacher

Matt Miller @jmattmiller

UNBOXING VIDEOSto show what they know Add some FUN to your video activities! Example unboxing videos to watch Downloadable student planning guide 20 video activity ideas Microsoft Flip tips #ditchbook


Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Middle School Classrooms

MIT researchers and collaborators have developed an open-source curriculum to teach young students about ethics and artificial intelligence.

Lots of resources. Seems to be a cost of about $50 per robot. 

These materials are licensed as CC-BY-NC under creative commons.


Free Resources from Larry Ferlazzo

AXIS – The Culture Translator

Not Kidding

What it is: Gen Z is complaining on TikTok that kids thirteen and under are poorly behaved—and they think parents who enable too much screen time are to blame. #ipadkids has 833 million views.

Watermelon Activism

What it is: The watermelon emoji is being used as a symbol of the pro-Palestinian cause, primarily because the red, black, and green colors of a watermelon are the same as the Palestinian flag.

Web Spotlight: 

LRT Christmas Special

What does Santa look like in Lithuania?  What kind of problems does he have to solve?  Here’s LRT’s take on that:  

Random Thoughts . . .  

I’ve shared my H5P presentation on my personal blog.

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