MSM 608:  Bayardism – It’s Going to Hit This Week


Shawn and Troy talk about the upcoming break, virtual school days, AI and more. Dave shares a couple of the best science books of 2023.


Did you hear about the Red ship that collided with the blue ship?

  • They were marooned

I’m letting anyone who wants to use my French Revolution joke. 

  • It’s Royalty free

I got kicked out of the coffee club.

  • I wore a tea shirt

did you know Pavlov was known to have great hair?

he did a lot of conditioning

A man walks into a chemist’s and says, ‘Can I have a bar of soap, please?’ The chemist says, ‘Do you want it scented?’ And the man says, ‘No, I’ll take it with me now.

Lowe’s has all the Christmas stuff in the second row. In other words: 

  • Aisle B – home for Christmas

The bad thing about being the first to ascend a mountain?

  • It’s all downhill from there

People who drive electric cars, do they listen to AC/DC?

  • Or something current?

i just learned about recency bias. Gotta say that’s the most interesting bias I’ve ever heard of

Dave considered majoring in mime but decided he didn’t want to get boxed in with a career.

On his last report card, Rudolph went up in Math and down in History.

How did Joseph and Mary weigh baby Jesus at birth?

They had a weigh in a manger.

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

K12Science Podcast:  The Best Science Books of 2023

I was recently reading the December 7, 2023 issue of “Smithsonian” magazine.  

In this issue, I read the article “The Ten Best Science Books of 2023” written by Bridget Alex, Riley Black, Dan Falk, Shi En Kim, Carlyn Kranking, and Joe Spring.  

In the article, they shared their top nonfiction science titles from the past year, selected by “Smithsonian” magazine’s editors and frequent contributors.  In this podcast, we look at two of their selections:

  • “Fire Weather: A True Story From a Hotter World” by John Vaillant
  • “Of Time and Turtles: Mending the World, Shell by Shattered Shell” by Sy Montgomery

Reports from the Front Lines

  • Break
  • Last Day Plans
    • Attendance
    • Moodle
    • Executive Functioning
  • Town Council Meeting
  • Virtual Schooling Days

The Social Web

Fixing Education  @FixingEducation

I’m convinced 95% of my students spend 15 hours each day on TikTok. 

Susie Dent  @susie_dent

Word of the day is ‘bayardism’ (17th century): a confidence that is rooted in ignorance or a wilful misunderstanding of reality.


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How to create substitute teacher plans in 15 minutes with AI

Spanish: Beyond the Words

From the richness of regional dialects and accents, to vibrant modern culture across the Spanish-speaking world, “Spanish: Beyond the Words” tells the story of a truly global language.

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