MSM 187 Oh There’s No Plate Like Chrome For The Hollondaise . . .

Jokes You Can Use:

1.  What time of day was Adam born? A little before Eve.
Why was Adam a famous runner? He was first in the human race.

2.  On our way home from visiting family we stopped at a Culver’s to grab some breakfast.  Sitting in the booth across the way was Santa.  He had ordered the Eggs Benedict and when the nice Culver’s chap brought out his order he set down a hubcap in front of the jolly old elf.  As he passed me I stopped him and asked about the hubcap.  He said, “Oh, well, there’s no plate like chrome for the Hollondaise …”

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Middle School Science Minute

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

This one is about using Gummi Bears in the Science Classroom.  

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*JFarm Infographics as an Assessment (
SimpleK12 Need new ways to improve student work ethic? Watch “Saving Time with Innovative Web Tools” on-demand.
*mcleod IA uses #iaedfuture for state convos about ed. WI uses #wiedu; UK uses #ukedchat. Your state/country? Plz RT! #edchat
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lcarroll94 30 Webtools to Transform a Classroom – LiveBinder
*camlecolorado CAMLE Cincinnati merging middle and high schools to provide kids more options…
*KentManning “One of the first things Jobs did during the product review process was ban PowerPoints.” Page 337 #SteveJobs
*Start_Teaching Start Teaching! Classroom in the Cloud: 5 Awesome Things You Can Do With an IPad and an LCD Projector
*shighley Susie Highley  TN gov. responds to outcry over new teacher evaluations | Get Schooled >some good pts. in comments as well
*MACUL MACUL  Board members and superintendents can attend #macul12 for free. Details at
EduSum Summer Charlesworth  “@jbrogley: – How one teacher is using Twitter in the middle-school classroom –” interesting!
*shannonmmiller Shannon Miller  So many great ideas here…How to use Twitter in the classroom… @TNWtwit
*Ruth_A_Buzzi  I love going out & cutting my own Christmas tree! Oh, the neighbors never complain; it’s usually about 3:00 AM, & they think beavers did it.

Don’t forget to join the conversation on MiddleTalk and Twitter at #midleved this Friday at 8:00 pm EST.


TED Presentation: On-line Charters

Frustrated by the lack of innovation, agility and flexibility in traditional schools, Ali Carr-Chellman, a former third grade teacher, realized that these types of traditional elementary classrooms were not for her. She is now an instructional designer, author and educator, working on how to change schools to improve education. Ali is a professor at the Pennsylvania State University in the College of Education working primarily with doctoral level students to help produce the next generation of faculty with inspired research ideas and methods. She also teaches online courses focused on helping teachers learn how to improve their own instructional design practices and classrooms. Her recent research projects include, “Bring Back the Boys,” which offers a look at ways gaming can be used to reengage males in their elementary education. In another project, Ali asks prisoners and homeless people how to reform schools, offering new opinions to policy making.
Interesting presentation about Cyber Charters. The presentation includes a look at the financing. It also includes a look at the public good of education.
* If people whine about teacher pay or superintent pay, point them here.

Can We Really Learn Online? Response to NYTimes on Wall Street’s Digital Learning Enterprises

So that is the key question:  is the motivation for online learning enriching an online experience more and more of us are having and finding new and inventive ways to learn?  Or is the real motive enriching share holders, even if it is at the expense of real learning?


Snag Films National Geographic Channel:

National Geographic is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutes in the world, bringing to the public eye exciting new discoveries direct from the field. Their documentaries span a variety of interests, from environmental and historical conservation to the study of world culture and history with the purpose of inspiring people to care about the planet. Be sure to check out the Secret Life of Cats and Violent Earth!
*Thanks to Richard Byrne at Free Tech for Teachers –

Web Spotlight:

Overcoming the Divide Between Curriculum and Technology Leaders

The digital revolution is changing how many U.S. school districts create ­engaging learning environments, with collaboration between the ­curriculum and technology ­departments slowly becoming the norm rather than the exception. By ­developing a common language around how students learn best, these leaders are fostering a shared vision for effective 21st century learning.
Unfortunately, there remains a striking gap between this vision and the day-to-day strategic work these leaders are doing.

iPad App listing by Dan Callahan on Pinterest

iPad apps categorized by subject.

Try these 10th-grade quizzes created from Florida’s standardized test

We decided to do this because of the enormous popularity of a guest post I published last week by educator Marion Brady about a school board member in Florida who decided to take the state standardized test.

A superintendent calls school reformers’ bluff

By John Kuhn
As a public school administrator, I have been a steadfast critic of the legacy of No Child Left Behind. But I’ve recently figured out a way that school reformers can get me on their side. It’s very simple.

Phishing Quiz

Ever wonder how good you are at telling the difference between a legitimate website and one that’s a phishing attempt? Take this quiz to find out.


An Interactive Strategy for Reading Assignments in All Content Areas

When it comes time for class discussion about a reading assignment, teachers are often disappointed by the lack of student participation. The kids don’t have a clue what they should say and desperately hope the teacher doesn’t call on them.
Just Say Something is an instructional strategy that addresses these issues in any classroom by engaging students in the reading process through peer interaction.

AMLE 2011:

Classroom Management & Student Motivation  “The Keys to Raising Student Achievement”

He has T-Shirts w/Cha-Ching on ’em.  See also the handout on motivating students.
This session deals strictly with motivation.

Starts with the emotional bank account.

Starts with the Shirt:  Cha-Ching!  Have you made an emotional deposit with your student?

Motivating anybody starts with the relationship.

Questioning Techniques to Motivate Students to Participate.

Think of the name only of the best teacher ever you had in school.

TENSION – used to promote student accountability.

Create questions that get all the students to answer in their head, then ask for volunteers.

Ask questions in a pattern that is predictable and then ask the question that you want one student to answer after everybody has an answer in their head.

Questioning Technique #1:  Ask, Pause, and Call.

Ask the question

Pause for think time

Call on a student randomly.

Stick Pick is good here.

Students are also prepped for discussion because they have an answer in their head.


Gives away what type of questioning technique we’re using.

Think (with hand pointing to head)

Ask opinion questions to your special ed/needs kids so they can’t be wrong and they experience success.  Then go to factual questions later in the week/year.  Give them success first.

Questioning Technique #2 – Volunteers


Hands  (says it)

Make sure you go over tests and give pre-tests multiple times so they can get much better.

This is good practice.

“If you did know, what would you say?”  For those students who say “I don’t know.”

Questioning Technique #3 – Choral Response

Reading the directions together.

Signal:  open hands toward the students.  both hands gesture outward to the class.

Questioning Technique #4 – Signal Response

Signal:  Fist to the sternum, then thumbs up/thumbs down/windshield wiper for response.

Best response one is the old fashioned white board.

Put a sock on the other hand for erasing.

Lowe’s and Home Depot will cut 36 squares out of a sheet of showerboard.

Paddles have the dry erase stuff on ’em.  Group by color.

Four Corners Technique

Agree, somewhat agree, disagree, strongly agree and discuss your position.

Response board


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