MSM 615: The Bisontennial


Shawn and Troy talk about AI, jokes, and more. Dave builds quality science instruction.


People are shocked when they discover that I’m not a good electrician.

A sweater I purchased was picking up static electricity, so I returned it to the store.

  • They gave me another one, free of charge

While I may not always return the affection of those who like me, I always admire their good judgment.

Have you ever seen fruit preserves being made? 

  • It’s jarring.

In the news a courtroom artist was arrested today, I’m not surprised, he always seemed sketchy.

Will Buffalo (incorporated as a city in 1832) have a bisontennial in 2032?

Ordering takeout merely by thinking about it would be food for thought.

There’s a point where every sentence ends.

I accidentally left an apple outside my local doctors office.

Now he wont be able to get in.

What do you call friends you like to eat with? 

  • Tastebuds.

District supervisor: “You missed work yesterday?”

Employee: “No, not really.”

Middle School Science Minute

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

K12Science Podcast:  Building Quality Science Instruction

I was recently reading a WestEd blog post on the Next Gen Science website, dated January 10, 2024.

In this blog, I read the post “Seeing is Believing: Building a Shared Vision of Quality Science Instruction.” It was written by Vanessa Wolbrink.

In the years following the adoption of new science standards, states and districts must begin to navigate the complexities of transitioning to new learning goals — including updating instructional materials, professional learning, course descriptions and requirements, and assessments.  In order to determine what changes are needed and how to enact them effectively, we need to ask the question, “What does it really take to build a shared understanding of the shift in teaching and learning expected in today’s science classrooms?”

Reports from the Front Lines

The Social Web

Susie Dent  @susie_dent

Word of the day is a reminder of ‘empleomania’ (19th century): the obsessive desire to be in power, no matter what the cost.

James Woods  @RealJamesWoods

South Carolina patriot Christopher Gadsden is born   On this day in history, February 16, 1724, South Carolina patriot Christopher Gadsden is born. Gadsden was one of the most prominent patriots in the south during the American Revolution. 

National Park Service  @NatlParkService

Visitor: When will you tell us where you keep the unicorns?  

Us: As soon as visitors stop feeding squirrels and taking dangerous selfies with bison, we’ll let you know where the horses with giant spikes on their heads roam.

Historic Vids  @historyinmemes

Al was asked to generate this iconic NBA moment but with Greek gods

PUNS  @ThePunnyWorld

I once swallowed a bunch of synonyms. It gave me thesaurus throat I’ve ever had.

What did the whale say after eating a ship? “I can’t believe I ate the hull thing.”  

Ancient Library opSdetnors01 :Pc4u13Mbfa1ey3 rihl5 hcgtga t05c031Fft27m8grgu

An Australian mathematician cracked the code of a famous 3,700 year old Babylonian clay tablet revealing that they were doing more accurate trigonometry nearly 1,500 years before the Greeks.

AppleInsider @appleinsider

Apple owns hundreds of website domains but now it’s added “,” which could indicate that it has plans to highlight AI features in its applications suite.


AI Character Conversations

The Idea – Individual Student Learning Plans


Women in Chemistry

Take Care

Best Books I Read 2023

AXIS – The Culture Translator

Country Roads

What it is: In a Super Bowl ad, Beyonce announced that she is releasing new music—and the lead singles, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “Sixteen Carriages,” hit with a country twang.

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