MSM 203: Crazy after 45 minutes.

Jokes You Can Use:

“Doctor, will I be able to read with these new glasses?”

“Of course, perfectly. Why?”

“Because, I couldn’t read before”.


When I got a bill for an operation, I found out why they wear masks.

Eileen Award:

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Book Spine Poetry

Stack books up so that the Titles on the spine form a poem.


Odd Advertisements

NSFW:  Prescreening required


11 “Modern Antiques” Today’s Kids Have Probably Never Seen


Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or


The National Science Teachers Association has recently announced its Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12.  In this podcast we look at three of the books which are very appropriate for students in grades 6 – 8.  They are:


Friends: True Stories of Extraordinary Animal Friendships

by Catherine Thimmesh


Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25

by Richard Paul Evans


Bug Shots: The Good, the Bad, and the Bugly

by Alexandra Siy



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  • @DianeRavitch My college prof dad scorned student evaluations. He said it would be years B4 students understood value of some classes (more)
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Student “Learning Styles” Theory Is Bunk (Daniel Willingham)

Since the publication of Howard Gardner‘ Frames of Mind in the early 1980s in which he pointed out the many ways that children and adults learn, popularization of “multiple intelligences” in the early 1990s has fused multiple intelligences with teaching to different “learning styles.” Practitioners have glommed onto multiple intelligences and different learning styles. Schools have committed themselves to cultivating multiple learning styles such as the KeyLearning Community in Indianapolis (IN). Willingham challenges the concept of varied learning styles and offers an alternative explanation for how and what children learn–their background, interests, aptitudes, and knowledge they bring to a topic–rather than “learning styles.”


The Pineapple Story Tests Us: Have Test Publishers become Unquestionable Authorities?

The New York Daily News has perhaps inadvertently shed some light on why teachers might be hesitant to have a large portion of their evaluations based on standardized test scores. In a rare moment of transparency, one of the 8th grade reading comprehension questions has been published, in a story broken by Leonie Haimson on the New York Parents blog, and it has many people scratching their heads.

Professional Development

Sweating my way through a workout the other day, I stumbled across an article titledGetting Principals to Think Like Managers in the Bloomberg Businessweek magazine.  Considering that nearly every expert on the 21st Century principalship would argue that leading schools is about WAY more than “managing,” the title caught my eye.


Earth’s quietest place

They say silence is golden – but there’s a room in the U.S that’s so quiet it becomes unbearable after a short time.

The longest that anyone has survived in the ‘anechoic chamber’ at Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis is just 45 minutes.

It’s 99.99 per cent sound absorbent and holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s quietest place, but stay there too long and you may start hallucinating.


Block Print

Create any size poster from any size picture.



Free, printable ESL worksheets by teachers for teachers. Allows a variety of criteria: Level, Student Type, Grammar Focus, Vocabulary Focus, Skill, Material Type, Solution.



Easy ToDo list manager.


National Parks Tour

Provides a virtual tour of various parks: Grand Canyon, Great Smokies, YellowStone.



Positive Thoughts

You might recall a charming antidote: Everything Is Going to Be OK, the lovely pocket-sized anthology of positive artwork. Now, it’s available as equally lovely 20 different note cards, featuring artists like Gemma Correll,Jessica Swift, Danna Ray, and Amy Borrell.



Kikutext is all about parent engagement. We truly believe that an increase in parent engagement will mean an increase in student achievement. Every part of our application is designed to help you easily and quickly communicate with parents more regularly.

Parents can sign up for text messages. Teachers get a proxy phone number – no need to give out your personal cell phone number.

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5 Historical Misconceptions

Warning: Lady Godiva and bare bottom is included.

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