Scheduling Time

It’s time for me to work out our schedule for next year. My current goal is to establish a schedule which will allow for us to build in professional development right smack dab into the schedule. We are doing cost cutting, again, and one of the areas that is expensive is the cost of substitutes. This cost is actually doubly high, not only do we have the financial cost of a substitute, but the instructional value that substitutes bring is definitely lower than the scheduled teacher.With that in mind, we are looking for creative ideas. Here’s what we are discussing so far:

  • Early dismissal once every other week (roughly) and extending the day – (Generally hated by parents. Child care is an issue).
  • Late arrival – see above.
  • Scheduling teachers in core areas to have common prep – (Could mean the loss of teams. Also a problem for teachers who teach multiple subjects).

Do you know of a creative way to build in professional development? Any comments, please hit the comment button above and let us know what you think.