MSM 412: Very Transform your class, Very Read this, or that, or the other thing. It’d be a Very, Very, Very good thing.

Jokes You Can Use:  

What’s the favorite part of computer for an astronaut?

  • The space bar

Why will you always find yogurt at Art exhibits?

  • It’s cultured

What do you call an apology letter written in dots and dashes?

  • A Remorse letter

How did the hipster burn his mouth?

  • He drank his coffee before it was cool

What do you get from a pampered cow?

  • Spoiled milk

Why is it frustrating to eat next to basketball players?

  • They dribble all the time.

How many times can you subtract 10 from 100?

  • Once, the next time you would be subtracting from 90

I got my daughter a fridge for her Christmas.

  • I can’t wait to see her face light up when she opens it.

How can you turn root beer into beer?

  • Pour it into a square glass

Why did the nurse always have a red pen at work?

  • In case, she needs to draw.

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Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Bottle Flipping, Part 1

I was recently reading the November/December, 2018 issue of “Science Scope,” a magazine written for middle school science teachers, published by the National Science Teachers Association.  

In this issue, I read the article, “Bottle Flipping,” written by Douglas Llewellyn and Aaron Shafer.  The purpose of the article was to integrate pop culture into the science classroom. In this first of a three-part podcast series we look at the first day of the 5 – E Instructional Lesson — Engage.

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Hey, hey PLN! We are preparing for a classroom management strategy slam! What is your favorite tip or tool? Pics encouraged! (and yes, relationships, relationships, relationships is first, next and always!) #leadlap #tlap #principalsinaction #bfc530 #KidsDeserveIt

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Had a GREAT time last night at the Warner Bros. Studio holiday party. These are some of the folks who are working hard to cook up some “Green Eggs & Ham” which will one day be served on Netflix. #animation #WarnerBros #Burbank #DrSeuss #Christmas #party #snow


Get your student coders in the holiday spirit with these fun lesson plans! From coding the perfect snowflake to making a elf dance video, there’s computational merriment for all! #HourofCode  #DigLn #SantaTracker #Google

Ditch That Textbook‏ @DitchThatTxtbk

20 video project ideas to engage students Create a personal narrative Record interviews Make a tour Record stop-motion animation More UPDATED ideas & resources!  via @jmattmiller #ditchbook

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Students now race to see who can film their @Flipgrid first! They LOVE my new pod. #FlipgridFever

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A VERY good list for every writer to use… #amwriting #writerslife

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A4: This is some of the best advice I have seen on mistakes and a culture of risk-taking in schools #LeadUpChat

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Google Classroom Student Chooser Feature – …

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20 Teacher’s Gifts Under $20 … on @bloglovin

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Transforming the First Ten Minutes of Class

“You know what the problem is with kids these days? They don’t read!”

On the first day of school, my students and I met in the library. Instead of going over a syllabus or introducing course expectations, the librarians and I gave brief book talks, sharing novels we had read or that we knew were well-received by young adults. When I invited my juniors to choose a book to read, they stared at me blankly.

Their first homework assignment was to write me a letter about their relationship with reading.

The Essentials of Visual Learning and Teaching


5 Printable Game Boards to Turn Curriculum Review into Fun

Download these and adapt to your curriculum. Or, have the students create games based on similar boards.

Panosian by Chris Anderson  

Teaching the Holocaust?  Remember the Armenian Genocide?  In Michigan, schools are required to teach the topic of genocide.  There are lots of resources on the Holocaust during World War II, but there have been others.  Panosian is a biography of Dr. Edward Panosian who recounts the Armenian Genocide as experienced by his family.  Historian Chris Anderson sections the work into workable pieces.

  • ISBN-10: 0996160590
  • ISBN-13: 978-0996160599

Convert PDF’s

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Web Spotlight:

Christmas Tree Ornament Calculator

Welcome to the Christmas tree calculator, where you will find how to decorate your Christmas tree in the best way. Take a look at the perfect Christmas tree formula prepared by math professors and improved by physicists. Plan in advance how many lights and decorations you’ll need!

Beyond the midterms: Helping students overcome the impact of No Child Left Behind

We each use a structure for midterm exams in which we distribute a series of questions well in advance of the test day. Students are told that the test will include a subset of these questions. No surprises.

When they spoke in class, our students were just as knowledgeable as their counterparts a decade ago—perhaps even more so. But the mere thought of a written exam created palpable fear in our classrooms.

Here’s a thought: Today’s juniors in college are the first cohort of students who spent their entire public education under the educational reform law known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

NCLB created sweeping reforms that would leave an indelible mark on teachers and students alike. It promised to refashion education, with a sharp focus on reading and mathematics and little time for extras like social studies, physical education, music, or recess.

Scientific research strongly suggests that testing helps students learn. Yet, for this to be the case, it is important to give the right kind of tests. Those adopted by the states in response to NCLB were largely fill-in-the-blank, one-right-answer tests that never asked students to defend a position or to find different pathways to come to a defensible conclusion.

Our students are, not surprisingly, very good at memorizing and regurgitating small bits of information—as far as we can discern, they are better at this than past cohorts.

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Happy Birthday to Troy Patterson and Carol Josel.  

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