MSM 478: Back from 7-11. . .


My partner hasn’t noticed I switched all the labels on the spice rack. But I know the thyme is cumin.

Where do potatoes go on vacation?

  • River rafting, they are tubers.

Almost all garden gnomes have a red hats. 

  • It’s a little gnome fact.

Tennis players grunt too much. There’s no need for all that racket. 

I have a friend who is giving up fishing professionally. 

  • He couldn’t live on his net income.

We went to a new restaurant called “Karma”.

  • No menu. You get what you deserve.

I went to a corn maze. I felt like I was being stalked. It was eerie. 

I went to an improv show. They had a bit about where someone is given a trait and the goal is to figure out what it is based on questions. One of the players was a taxidermist. When asked “What do you do for a living?”, she had the best answer – “Oh, you know, stuff…”

In Greek mythology, Chiron was not only half man and half horse, but also trained in medicine. 

  • That made him the Centaur For Disease Control

I just got some new resistance bands. 

  • They will not come out of the box. 

Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or

Middle School Science Minute: Creating a New Environment for Science Learning

I was recently reading the September/October, 2020 issue of “Science Scope,” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association. 

In this issue, I read the Online Teacher column “Creating a New Environment for Science Learning”  written by Denise Wright.

Moving from the face-to-face classroom to the online setting doesn’t happen without challenges.  The main objective is for all students to have a passion for learning.  A positive online learning environment can be created from a personalized approach.  Making a personalized connection is the key to building a positive climate in an online classroom.

Reports from the Front Lines

  • Culture of School
    • Teachers feed off of non-verbals coming from students.  
    • After we come back . . . 
      • What do we do with what we now know about asynchronous and synchronous learning?  
  • How long?
  • Teacher PD
  • The Teaching Experience – In Classroom vs. At Home
    • Distractors  
      • Parental
      • Toddler
      • Frontal Lobe Failures – “Hi!  I’m back from 7-11.  What’d I miss?”  
      • Teacher streamed lessons categorized as passive entertainment instead of sensory engagement?  What would Marshall McLuhan say?  


This is a teacher in Northern Michigan.  She posted this from the Lake Michigan Whale Migration Station.  In the chat underneath (not pictured) there’s a good 10 or so teachers who got taken, hook, line and sinker.  You can follow those folks at:  

The Twitterverse

Matt Miller  @jmattmiller

Chromebooks have a built-in screen reader! Use Ctrl + Alt + Z to activate. Also, on Android mobile devices, ask the Google Assistant “read this” on an article to hear it aloud.

Kate Plows  @KPlows

A high school junior stayed on Zoom after my final class today. He said he “just wanted to do a vibe check on his teachers.” “Like… you’re all checking in on us. But who’s checking in on you?”

Michigan Medicine  @umichmedicine

#COVID19 Update

Total patients tested for COVID-19 at Michigan Medicine since the pandemic began: 57,606 Total positive tests: 1,872  Current inpatients that are COVID-19 positive: 11  Total COVID-19 patients discharged: 738  Learn more:


Matt Miller @jmattmiller

20 digital bell ringer activities to kickstart class  Tips for using bell ringers in class  Links to resources FREE downloadable ebook including 10 activities complete with instructions, templates, & extension ideas… #ditchbook


TODAY we continue our series on Building a Culture of Support during #COVID19. This morning we dive into #Sped support! Join the covno & tag a friend! #EduGladiators @leaders_black @TAYLOR_does_IT @DrRaShawnAdams @Principalista @NVSupt @DaisyDyerDuerr @3_DLeadership @AMLE

#mschat:  Look for your host, Todd Bloch, to have a middle school topic all ready to go!  Make it a strategic part of your personal professional development.


Oculus Quest 2

Facebook’s next generation of virtual reality headwear.  Improved graphics, Improved processor and screen.  Same battery life as the previous version.  Slightly larger handset with reported incredible battery life.  Shawn can’t wait to try it out.

A Giant List of Really Good Essential Questions

Using Household Tech to Project Your Teacher Voice

Remember in the movies there was this kid that would set up the movie projector for the teacher and feed the film through the sprockets so that it would be ready for class?  The teacher relied on these kids because, well lets face it, they had a plethora of other things to think about.  This website is the “projector kid” to your “online learning tech” setup.  

Web Spotlight:  

New Steps to Combat Disinformation

What we’re announcing today is an important part of Microsoft’s Defending Democracy Program, which, in addition to fighting disinformation, helps to protect voting…

Statement on Virtual vs. In-Person Training

Here’s the interesting part, however: It turns out virtual professional development is quite engaging and effective for most faculties, and I’m having a blast designing and delivering it! I have revamped the content and style of my in-person trainings significantly,

Random Thoughts . . .  

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