Shawn and I were able to run a test case to make sure that we had all of the technology down pat. The good news: we had a great conversation which I think some people might find interesting. We didn’t really prep for the show, this was an “off the cuff” conversation. The topic turned out to be about scheduling. We just touched the surface, but it was interesting to discuss. (My school runs a mixed block schedule with an A/B day component.)
Anyway, we did learn a few things:
1) I need to use a different microphone (you can hear the “fishbowl” effect)
2) Technically, most things worked. I need to fiddle with some settings, but basically it works
3) We really, really enjoy talking about middle school and education
4) I learned a bit about the editing process (which has changed just a bit since my college radio station days of tape)

If I get a chance, I may post an edited copy of this first test.