The Times they are a changin’

Sunday’s post probably displayed a little more frustration that was intended. Middle school is certainly undergoing some attacks and some change. However, generally we try to be pretty optimistic around these parts. There is a reason that we work in middle school. We really do love what we do.

With that, it is important to look at the opportunities that are presenting themselves. (Not really sure I’ve made it quite far enough to have found them all). Anyway, we’ll discuss some of the changes that are occurring and try to find as many positives as we can.

First of all, education as a whole is changing. The job of teaching looks very different right now than it did a few years ago. We’ll venture to say that the job will look different yet in a few more years. This is an exciting time in education due simply to that fact. It may not always be fun to go through the change, but at least we have an opportunity to be a part of it.

Will we look back in a few years and remember these as “the good old days?”