MSM 209: AMLE Feature Presentation . . . Popcorn Please!

AMLE Feature:

Today, join us for a interview with Todd Williamson. Director of Technology and Science for Carteret County Schools, MiddleTalk contributor, and NCMSA Technology Specialist.

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How big is your city?


Middle School Science Minute  

by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or


In the Spring Edition of “Green Teacher,” Emily Harris wrote an article entitled, “Fostering Students’ Water Wisdom.”  The purpose of the article was to bring water awareness into the classroom and contribute to a better global future.

She says that teachers play a vital role in helping foster an early appreciation of this most precious resource.  For this reason, WaterCan developed curriculum resources in both English and French which can be freely downloaded from the “Water Wisdom Portal” at:


She then goes on to share one of her favorite lesson plans for 5th – 6th grade students, entitled “Water Alive!”  This is a research based activity designed to help generate an understanding about the universal dependence on water, through the “eyes” of an African animal.


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Irish kids get diff kind of state exam than US kids- thinking & writing analytically abt
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iPaddiction: 8 Burning Questions About iPads in Class (Answered!)

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Teacher tenure: a Fairfax schools firing case 





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Web Spotlight:

The Greatest Teacher I Had in College

by Vicki Davis

I will never forget my meanest, toughest professor:Dr. Phil Adler at Georgia Tech. Everyone knew that he was hard. He taught Socratically (by asking questions)and his track record was the best.



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4 Great & Free Museum Apps to Teach your Students (or to simply enjoy!)

If you want to learn about art through the centuries, there is probably no better place than one of the great museums. But of course, if you are not living in Paris, London, New York you need to travel and you rarely have an excibition that brings together all great masterpieces of a certain artist.

Well, the next best thing might be one (or all) of the free apps below and visit the museum on a virtual trip.


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