Conference with iPad

So for ISTE 2012, I didn’t bring a laptop. Rather, I’m relying on my iPad and iPhone only.
Here are some of my thoughts:

• Light weight. I really, really like not carrying around the 6 pound laptop.
• Ability to quickly capture audio, images and notes. Audio is kept in sync with the text.
• Flexibility. I use an external keyboard. Being able to just put my keyboard in my lap and set the iPad on the chair (next to or in front of me) or on the floor (in my bag) is very handy. Feels much less cumbersome. Barriers do make a difference. This is a much, much lower barrier.
• Battery life. It is AWESOME to not have to worry about finding a plug. It’s also nice to not have to constantly calculate how much longer before you need to find an outlet.

• I usually take my notes and combine them into a “booklet”. To do this, I utilize Headings and other styles. This is not available on my notetaking software that I’m using. Thus, I’ll have to take some time when I get back to pull the notes together.